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True North Homeschool Academy offers a variety of K-12 homeschool elective courses online. Elective courses meet twice per month. Students should be awarded 1/2 credit for a full-year elective course providing the instructor finds their coursework satisfactory.

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  • ASL 1

    American Sign Language 1

  • art and music around the world one semester live online class

    Art & Music Around the World- One Semester

  • TNHA Product Image Art Level 1 High school online homeschool classes

    Art Level 1

  • Biblical Feasts and Festivals, an online class for junior high and high school homeschoolers.

    Biblical Feasts and Festivals

  • Biblical Hebrew 1 online class

    Biblical Hebrew I

  • biblical hebrew 2

    Biblical Hebrew II

  • Career Exploration for high school students | online class

    Career Exploration

  • TNHA Product Image Chinese Language learning level one online course

    Chinese Language – High School Level One

  • TNHA Product Image Chinese Language learning level two online course

    Chinese Level Two – High School

  • Elementary school level children can learn Chinese


  • Economics

  • Environmental Science with Labs

    Environmental Science

  • Sale! TNHA Product Image Art Class Form & Color High School online class

    Form and Color

  • Sale! TNHA high school class formal logic for home schoolers

    Formal Logic

  • _French 2 Intro to French online class for high school students

    French – Level Two

  • _French 1 Intro to French online class

    French I

  • German I Intro to German online class for homeschoolers

    German I – An Introduction to High School German

  • Graphic Design with CANVA

    Graphic Design With Canva

  • Healthy habits that start in the teen years can last a lifetime. This is more than a course. High School Health is a blueprint so teens can understand how God created their bodies and how to keep them working optimally for the rest of their lives.

    Health – High School

  • live online health class for homeschool teens

    Health – High School – One Semester

  • Online Homeschool Class Modern Hebrew II True North Homeschool Academy

    Hebrew – Modern II

  • High School Homeroom

  • How to Study Your Bible: Biblical Philosophy

  • Informal Logic

  • Latin I

    Latin I

  • Latin II

    Latin II

  • Lief SKills 101 online class for homeschool teens

    Life Skills 101

  • Modern hebrew online class for homeschool highschool students

    Modern Hebrew I

  • national latin exam test prep

    National Latin Exam Test Prep

  • Old Testament History: From Adam to Nehemiah

  • Sale! TNHA Personal Finance Course for High School Homeschoolers

    Personal Finance

  • Middle school or Junior High Students who want to be challenged may also join this high school level class.

    Photography & Digital Technology

  • high school honors class online @ True North Homeschool Academy

    Politics, Philosophy and Economics

  • Psychology class full year clep prep test online


  • Biblical worldview self-paced class for homeschooled high school students

    Self Paced Biblical Worldview for High School

  • Sale! Singing courses for homeschoolers online

    Self-Paced Singing Course Bundle – All Ages

  • Spanish 4 taught live online for homeschoolers

    Spanish 4

  • Spanish A online class

    Spanish A – Elementary Level

  • TNHA Product Image Spanish B For Elementary Grades 3-6

    Spanish B – Elementary Level I

  • Spanish C grammar classes taught live online for homeschoolers

    Spanish C

  • Online Homeschool Class Spanish II True North Homeschool Academy

    Spanish II

  • Online Homeschool Class Spanish III True North Homeschool Academy

    Spanish III

  • self paced spanish

    Spanish Self-Paced

  • Speech & Rhetoric live online class

    Speech & Rhetoric

  • world geography

    World Geography: Expedition Australia