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Civics – One Semester

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Grade Level: High School (Grades 10-12)

1 Semester 1/2 Credit Course

Meets: FALL 2023 | Tuesday, 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm

Instructor: Natasha Jones




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Civics is an important course for every high school student. Developed to help students grow in their understanding of responsible citizenry, Civics is foundational for every student ready to launch as a young adult. Civics will help students develop a clear understanding of the foundation of our government, how it was created, how it works, and what makes it unique as a political system throughout history.

In this class, students will wrestle through reading, annotating, and summarizing many of our founding documents, gain a clear understanding of the roles of federal government & state governments and how they work together, become familiar with the different parts of the federal government and how they were designed to protect and advance the idea of civil liberties.

This class will include informal debates & a lot of discussion. Students will be expected to participate in class.  All the documents to be studied will be provided in class through google docs and web links. 

Documents to be studied: 

  • The Mayflower Compact
  • Decoration of Independence 
  • Articles of Confederation 
  • The US Constitution 
  • Washington’s Inaugural & Farewell Addresses
  • The Missouri Compromise
  • The Monroe Doctrine
  • Dred Scott Vs Sandford
  • Emancipation Proclamation  
  • Seneca Falls Declaration
  • Brown vs Board of Education

This course will allow your student to gain a full and thorough understanding of the U.S. Constitution and develop a sense of what it means for them personally. This is a 1/2 credit call course and can be counted for Government, U.S. History, Civics, or elective credit.

The class will be taught and graded by your True North Homeschool Academy teacher. The coursework your child will complete in this high school level course is equal to one-half credit hour which may be awarded by your homeschool upon completion of the course. If you would like help determining your students’ credits or creating a transcript, check out our Academic Advising.

Civics would pair perfectly with Economics, Geography as well as US Literature and Composition. Purchase a Bundle for greater savings!

2 reviews for Civics – One Semester

  1. Tiffany Cowie

    This has been the first online class my 9th grade son has done. He is loving it!! Mr. Pruzan is an amazing man who really knows how to connect with the kids and keep them engaged. This is the first class EVER that my son has said, “Mom, as soon as he sends the email with our homework, let me know because I want to get started on it.” Wow!!! That is amazing for my reluctant learner!!

  2. Samantha Riley

    My daughter took this course last semester, and she truly enjoyed it! The interaction, and being able to discuss what was being read is a wonderful addition to the content of the class. She even came to me with things I was unaware of. The instructor for this course was great at meeting students where they are, and helping them gain knowledge and understanding. We will be back next semester for more courses through True North.

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