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Junior High School

Jr. High courses for homeschool families. Online LIVE classes with a teacher. Student interaction is an integral part of these core and elective classes for middle school students.

Important Information

  • Please check dates and times before you register for a class. There is a $20 charge to change your classes.
  • When you purchase your classes please check the box to receive communications from us. We will contact you by email regarding important class changes and to send you orientation information.
  • Be aware that the email you use for your purchase is where we will automatically assume you want to be updated about your class purchase.

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  • 6th grade math

    6th Grade Math

  • 7th grade math

    7th Grade Math 

  • 8th grade online math class for homeschool students

    8th Grade Math

  • Academic Advising

    Academic Advising

  • Algebra I online class for high school homeschoolers

    Algebra I

  • Online art class

    Art – Level 2

  • Art & Music Around the World taught live online for homeschoolers

    Art & Music Around the World

  • TNHA Product Image Art Level 1 High school online homeschool classes

    Art Level 1

  • Biblical Hebrew 1 online class

    Biblical Hebrew I

  • TNHA Product Image Chinese Grades 6-9 Foreign Language Online Course

    Chinese Language Learning for Middle School

  • Earth and Space – One Semester

  • Earth and Space Science online class for homeschooled students in junior high or middle school

    Earth and Space Science

  • Exploring Biology and Physics is appropriate for middle school/Junior High students. We will discover how both Biology and Physics are all around us and part of our everyday world. The fall semester will focus on exploring the fascinating world of Biology, using John Hudson Tiners’ book, Exploring the World of Biology. Students will discover how scientists classified living things, extract DNA and RNA from cells, and how we can look closer at the amazing world around us. The spring semester will find us exploring Physics using John Hudson Tiners’ book, Exploring the World of Physics. Students will discover how the laws of motion and gravity affect us every day and how breakthroughs in physics are changing our world. We will learn about the history of these discoveries and have opportunities to complete our own experiments leading to deeper learning and understanding.

    Exploring Biology and Physics

  • foreign language exploration

    Foreign Language Exploration

  • _German 3 Advanced to German online class for homeschoolers

    German 3

  • Informal Logic

  • Computer Science class for high school

    Introduction to Computer Science

  • Journalism taught live online for homeschoolers


  • junior high lit and comp online class

    Jr High Literature and Composition Level 2

  • Jr High U.S. Literature and Composition Level 1

  • Study Skills will prep your junior and senior high students with this online class

    Junior/Senior High Study Skills

  • Latin I

    Latin I

  • Latin II

    Latin II

  • TNHA Product Image Latin 3 high school online homeschool course for learning latin

    Latin III

  • TNHA Product Image Latin 4 high school online homeschool course for learning latin

    Latin IV

  • Literature through Film Online Class

    Literature through Film

  • Math Homeroom live online classes for homeschool students

    Math Homeroom

  • Middle School Homeroom

  • national latin exam test prep

    National Latin Exam Test Prep

  • New Testament Survey – One Semester

  • Online Homeschool Class Spanish Homeroom True North Homeschool Academy

    Spanish Homeroom

  • 20th century history | junior high online class for homeschoolers

    Twentieth Century History – Modern World

  • US Geography class online for homeschoolers junior high

    U.S. Geography

  • US History for junior high students

    U.S. History – Junior High

  • Writing & Grammar – Narnia

  • Elementary Writing is a fun and inspiring class that will give your students the skills they need for future writing success!

    Writing Skills 4: U.S.History

  • Writing Skills 5 – Modern World

  • Zoology taught live online for homeschoolers


  • Zoology taught live online for homeschoolers

    Zoology – One Semester