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American Sign Language 1


American Sign Language 1

Full Year High School Course

Meets:  2024 – 2025 | Monday, 10:15 am- 11:15 am CST

Instructor: Dawn Pasley

Required Materials:

Self-Paced ASL; ASL Homeroom and a free Flip account (for video assignments).

Prerequisites: None


In ASL 1, students will begin their journey to dive into the world of American Sign Language. 

We will discover the history and culture of this beautiful community.  From the beginning, students learn the unique grammar structure of the language.  They will learn vocabulary of a variety of areas: greetings, colors, emotions, numbers, days of the week, verbs and so many more! 

Twice a semester, the students will complete projects which include: learning to sign an introduction of themselves, and research a famous deaf/hard of hearing person.

Students will be introduced to ASL literature, art, and even songs in ASL! 

Our curriculum, ASL Deafined, was recognized as being one of the “Best Homeschool Products & Curriculum of 2023-24,” by How To Homeschool.  It has a video dictionary that is completely created by native signers and contains over 18,000 words! 

The lessons are created to aid in retention of the content and include history, culture, grammar, and reception practice.  This subscription based site is available to purchase through True North Homeschool Academy at a discounted rate. 

In addition, you must purchase the ASL Club / Homeroom and Self-Paced ASL.  You will be prompted to add these to your cart. This allows you to add this product to cart.*

Once a month, we will have the opportunity to interact with a native signer of ASL!  When studying any language, it is important to use the language with a native and here is a chance for True North students to put their skills into practice!

Required materials: 

Self-Paced ASL; ASL Homeroom and a free Flip account (for video assignments).

*both Self-Paced ASL and ASL Club/Homeroom will need to be in your cart to add this class. If you already own these courses, you can remove them from cart before checkout.


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