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Middle School | Junior High Classes

Middle school and Junior High kids love our interactive online classes. They get feedback and fellowship from the other students as well as the guidance of their teacher. True North Homeschool Academy offers core classes and electives that are fully directed and graded!

Junior High

  • Coaching


  • Spanish 1A full year junior high spanish class online (1)

    Junior High Spanish 1 A Junior High

  • Art Level 1 online class for homeschoolers

    Art Level 1

  • Old Testament Survey online class for homeschoolers

    Old Testament Survey – One Semester

  • Earth and Space Science online class for homeschooled students in junior high or middle school

    Earth and Space Science

  • Old Testament

    Old Testament Survey – Fall Semester

  • Sale! foreign language exploration

    Foreign Language Exploration

  • Online Homeschool Class Spanish Homeroom True North Homeschool Academy

    Spanish Homeroom

  • Online Botany Class North Homeschool Academy


  • Science Exploration B – One Semester

  • Art level 2 online class for homeschoolers

    Art Level 2 – One Semester

  • 20th century history | junior high online class for homeschoolers

    Twentieth Century History – Modern World

  • Computer Science class for high school

    Introduction to Computer Science

  • world history class adapted for struggling learners

    World History – Adapted for Struggling Learners

  • German A Introduction to German for Middle School

    German A – An Introduction to the German Language

  • The Art of German Filmmaking | online class for homeschooling high school students from True North Homeschool Academy

    German Film – The Art of German Filmmaking

  • ai unit study for high school

    AI Unit Study | Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Education