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American Sign Language 2


American Sign Language 1

Full Year High School Course

Meets:  2023 – 2024 | Thursdays, 2:00 – 3:00 pm CST

Instructor: Dawn Pasley

Required Materials: An account at Flip

Prerequisites: None

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American Sign Language 2


American Sign Language is among the top 3 languages used in the United States. ASL is used in a variety of settings – it isn’t just for interpreters!

It is used by scuba divers, teachers, counselors, and many more! ASL 2 at True North is a full-year class. Classes meet live with an instructor each week for one hour.

In this class, we will expand the vocabulary of the student. This will include adjectives (including comparatives), and adverbs. There will be a closer examination of various “classifiers” that are used in ASL. In addition, students will continue with developing facial expressions, reading sign, grammar, history, numbers, and more about Deaf culture. The learner will also learn advanced techniques of fingerspelling. During the year, students will explore careers that use ASL.

The student will complete a project over a chosen career. During class, there will be time spent in practice and in communication using the vocabulary they are learning. Activities will include small groups, whole class,es and online activities/tools. Some time will also be spent in reviewing the vocabulary from ASL 1.

There are no required texts and supplies.

However, the student is expected to have an account at Flip. This is an application designed for education in which users can record short videos for discussion. The student’s grade will be a combination of attendance, homework assessments, and projects.

Required Materials: 

An account on Flip.

Grades for ASL 2 are determined by: class participation, outside class readings(short), assessments, and the semester projects.


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