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Junior High Electives

As homeschooling has become increasingly popular, parents are increasingly looking for fun and engaging options to expand the curriculum beyond English and math. Electives can provide a much-needed break from core subjects, offering an opportunity to explore new areas of interest and even supplement existing ones. But for homeschoolers, junior high electives can be hard to come by. If you’re a homeschooling parent struggling to find engaging electives, look no further: this article provides all the resources you’ll need to round out and diversify your child’s curriculum.

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  • Art Level 1 online class for homeschoolers

    Art Level 1

  • Art level 2 online class for homeschoolers

    Art Level 2 – One Semester

  • German A Introduction to German for Middle School

    German A – An Introduction to the German Language

  • The Art of German Filmmaking | online class for homeschooling high school students from True North Homeschool Academy

    German Film – The Art of German Filmmaking

  • Informal Logic for high school homeschool students online class

    Informal Logic

  • Spanish 1A full year junior high spanish class online (1)

    Junior High Spanish 1 A Junior High

  • online latin class for homeschoolers

    Latin III

  • New Testament Survey online class for homeschoolers

    New Testament Survey – One Semester

  • Old Testament Survey online class for homeschoolers

    Old Testament Survey – One Semester

  • Online Homeschool Class Spanish Homeroom True North Homeschool Academy

    Spanish Homeroom