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  • Elementary Lit and Comp

    Elementary Lit and Comp (2)

  • High School Lit and Comp

    High School Lit and Comp (15)

  • Junior High Lit and Comp

    Junior High Lit and Comp (5)

  • Literature & Composition

    Literature & Composition (16)

  • Online Adapted English II High School Level True North Homeschool Academy

    Adapted English 2

  • Adapted English I online class for struggling learners

    Adapted English I

  • Placeholder

    ASL Exploration | Summer Class

  • Copywriting 101 for high school

    Copywriting 101 | High School Entrepreneurial Series

  • Dystopian Reading and Composition will take a year long deep dive into one of the most popular literary genres today! Students will not only read some of the most well known dystopian literature, but they will write their own dystopian novel!

    Dystopian Reading and Composition

  • Exploring Writing and Grammar B for homeschool students

    Exploring Writing and English Grammar | Level B

  • Hamlet for homeschoolers a high school course for summer

    Hamlet for Homeschoolers | Summer Class

  • High School Spelling and Grammar will cover a variety of spelling and grammar tips and techniques in 30 weekly class sessions. Students will complete multiple assignments each week to explore phonics, word origins and roots, dictionary skill/vocabulary builders, grammar and punctuation rules, and sentence diagramming — with a bit of cursive writing/penmanship thrown in.

    High School Spelling and Grammar


    High School Spelling and Grammar 2

  • Write a Research Paper

    How-to- Write a Research Paper Summer

  • Online British Literature Course Jane Austen and Emily Bronte

    Jane Austen & Emily Bronte – Full-Year Course

  • junior high lit and comp online class

    Jr High Literature and Composition Level 2

  • Jr High U.S. Literature and Composition Level 1

  • Literature and Composition I high school online class

    Literature & Composition I

  • Literature through Film | an online literature class for homeschool high school students

    Literature through Film

  • Organizing your Writing is a bridge class for struggling learners. Online homeschool class with TNHA.

    Organizing Your Writing

  • Shakespeare Highschool Literature

    Shakespeare Literature and Composition – Full-Year Course

  • Speech and Rhetoric Online Homeschool Class North Homeschool Academy

    Speech & Rhetoric

  • U.S. Literature & Composition Judicial Essay is a one-credit high school English course where students enjoy reading, writing, and discussing American works, going all the way back to Colonial Times. Students will learn to work with original documents from the Age of Reason and learn to write a judicial essay. This is an excellent course to further develop and hone student thinking and writing skills and will prepare them well for college and adult thinking, writing and resoning!

    U.S. Literature & Composition – Judicial Essay

  • World Literature and Composition online class

    World Literature and Composition

  • Writing & Grammar – Narnia

  • Writing Bootcamp

    Writing Bootcamp- Summer

  • Elementary Writing is a fun and inspiring class that will give your students the skills they need for future writing success!

    Writing Skills 4: U.S.History

  • Writing Skills 5 – Modern World

  • Writing with Confidence is a year-long, 1 credit course that counts toward required high school level language arts in expository writing.

    Writing with Confidence