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Live, Online Classes

Now Enrolling for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.

World class teachers, over 100 classes to choose from, and the community homeschool families crave.

Live, Online Classes for Homeschoolers

Choosing a partner in your child's education isn't a choice a homeschooling parent takes lightly. We know you have questions. Book an advising appointment today.


Can My Homeschooler Get in to College?

Homeschooling can be an adventure, a roller coaster, and sometimes, a bit of a circus act all rolled into one. As homeschool moms (and dads), we juggle teaching, cooking, refereeing sibling squabbles. It's no surprise that as your kids grow, you might start worrying about their future, especially when it comes to getting into college. We've got the perfect recipe for preparing your homeschooled kiddos for college success. And we promise, it won't require you to teach calculus (unless you want to)!   READ MORE.

high schol homeschool student

Crafting a 4 Year Plan for High School

Crafting a Personalized Learning Plan can be so helpful. It’s like a map that you can follow to the letter or take fun little detours from, but regardless of it still keeps you on track. A Personalized Learning Plan can provide a clear path toward academic achievement and personal growth.   READ MORE


High School Classes


Junior High Classes



Most parents arrive at the decision to homeschool from a conviction that they can do education differently. We support that decision, because we know they can.

Our mission at True North Homeschool Academy is centered around the Compass, and that's by design. It's the heart of what we do, because we are heading True North with the Christian conviction that together our homeschools should transmit a culture of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, as we are headed True North, rooted in Christ. 

True North Homeschool Academy is a virtual online learning experience with small class size, dynamic teaching from world-class teachers, with a focus on creating a one-of-a-kind educational experience families will love.

Our over ten-year commitment to this vision and to the families that partner with us have proven we're on the right-track. 


Fall Classes

Start August 26, 2024

Discover our Fall Semester classes. A great starting point with TNHA.

Fall 2024-2025 Classes

Start August 26, 2024

Full Year and Fall Semester class, including Core Classes.

Virtual Open House

Thursday, July 11, 2024, 6 pm CST

Join True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring, and teaching staff for a virtual campus tour and a live Q & A.

2024 Virtual Graduation

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Graduating Senior students and families of TNHA participation information and registration.

World Class Teachers

True North Homeschool Academy teachers are a group of passionate, qualified, creative educators providing carefully curated Core Courses and Clubs, delivered by utilizing cutting-edge technology, gamification, and solid academic pedagogy. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of homeschooling.

Our educators have a passion for teaching, a passion for their subjects, and a heart committed to demonstrating Christ-like leadership in the classroom and beyond. 

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True North Homeschool Academy offers live, online classes for homeschool students.

Meet With An Academic Advisor

Schedule a time to meet with an academic advisor. 

My School App Portal

Current students may log in to the learning management system here.

Real Experiences, Real Relationships, Real Life

As homeschool families ourselves, we know that time is precious. Every moment is a new chance to develop wisdom and connection. That’s why our classes are built to serve you and your student!

Each of our engaging and rigorous classes is offered LIVE – so your student can learn with direct teacher interaction. If the class time doesn’t fit your schedule, the lessons are recorded and uploaded within 48 hours, and the teacher is still available to assist with the material and your student’s needs. We are here to support you in your homeschool journey!

Why Choose True North Homeschool Academy?


Our Academic Team  consists of experienced educators and homeschoolers who are committed to bringing quality academics and a solid Christian world view to assist your student achieve their High School goals!


The world of education is changing quickly, bringing with it unique challenges and opportunities. On-line education affords you quality academics, flexibility and a safe and nurturing academic environment.


We believe that Education is the transmission of culture. Our goal is to convey a culture of truth, beauty and goodness, alongside quality content and skills, with every course!

True North Homeschool Academy. Real Experiences. Real Relationships.

Lisa Nehring, speaker at Great Homeschool Conventions

Join Lisa Nehring, Featured Speaker at Great Homeschool Conventions

“I recently got back from this GHC and really enjoyed some sessions by Lisa Nehring of True North academy. She had a lot of great content which combined classical ideals with a firm grasp on where technology, higher ed, and job market is moving. This was very helpful to me (a HSer of 18yrs) as I’ve been floundering a bit recently on how to prepare my kids for the future world. Her approach is definitely Christian with a classical flavor but for the modern world.” – Birchbark, WTM forum