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Looking for Live, Online Classes for Your Homeschool? 

True North Homeschool Academy is an international virtual online learning experience with small class size, and live dynamic teaching from world-class teachers, focusing on creating one-of-a-kind educational experience families will love.

Classes for 2023-2024 Start August 28, 2023. 

Discover True North Homeschool Academy2023-2024 Classes

Homeschooling families have a lot of options when it comes to homeschooling. So, what makes True North Homeschool Academy different?

It’s our FOCUS.

  • Families first. Over the last ten years, we’ve been something special; a homeschooling community of families with a common goal. That goal? To provide the highest quality of education with a Christian worldview.
  • Outside of the Box approach to teaching & learning. We use the SAMR method of education. This framework is applied to the homeschool model through technology, gamification, multimedia presentations, publishing, and more. This not only eliminates the boredom factor, it prepares students for life, work, and mission in the modern world.
  • Cutting-edge technology. Our kids know their way around tech today, and our teachers use tried and true modern tech to reach the students. Classes are via Zoom with breakout rooms for class communication. Inside our learning management system, we host a true online virtual campus.
  • Undeniable results. Families that start with True North Homeschool Academy stay with us. Why? Results. Our teachers, staff, and families partner to educate, inspire, and delight students. Kids love their classes, and they are part of an international community. The educational results are icing on the homeschool cake. 
  • Service. Every class offered, every teacher hired, and every decision made is with you in mind. As we strive to be a light to the world, we also strive to serve our families and the homeschool community. And the feedback from families shows we’re onto something!


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More Than Just Academics

We give our students the opportunity to develop wisdom.

They collaborate and learn with students from around the world.

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Live Classroom Experience

Students develop connections as well as focus on academics.

We provide accommodations for students who need them.

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Teaching & Grading

We do the teaching and grading so you can focus on your family.

Find out more about our classes or Academic Advising.

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    Our mission at True North Homeschool Academy is centered around the Compass, and that’s by design. It’s the heart of what we do!

    We are heading True North with the Christian conviction that together, our homeschools should transmit a culture of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty rooted in Christ, our True North. 

    Join us on the journey.

    How to Get Started with TrueNorthHomeschool.Academy

    First things first. Let’s look at where to start!

    • Think about the ages and current grade levels of your students. 
    • Determine what subject you’d like to shop for.
    • Purchase your class.
    • Enrollment will email you with the enrollment process. 

    We recommend Academic Advising for placement if you’re coming from a non-traditional educational experience (long-time homeschooling, etc.) or from a public school experience. 


    How to Get Started

    Choose Your Classes

    Shop by grade level, subject, or track. Then move onto enrollment.

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    Complete the Enrollment Process

    After making a class purchase, the Enrollment team will reach out to you with next steps.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have questions about how the classes work?

    Want to know about Tuition, class times, gets?

    See More in the FAQ Section.

    Interactive and Easy to Use

    Our online classes are dynamic and interactive, delivered via Zoom.

    Class sizes are limited so students can see and hear the teacher and each other for a full and rich learning environment. 

    Each class is recorded and available if a student misses class.