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Most questions regarding TNHA can be found here in the FAQ section. If you're unable to find the answer to your question, the next step is to use the Chat Box, being sure to include your name and email when starting the chat conversation.

If your question pertains to your unique specific situation, we recommend emailing

Please provide as much detail as possible when emailing, including your child's age/grade level, your specific concern, and if your question relates to a learning difference. You can expect your email to be answered within 24 hours on weekdays.

Tell me about your philosophy, teachers, and teaching method.

The best place to learn more is to visit our Discover True North Homeschool Academy page!

What is your educational philosophy?

We believe that Education is the Transmission of Culture, and we are committed to transmitting a Judeo-Christian culture in our classes. We believe that teaching is a form of discipleship, and to that end, pray for our students and seek to provide Godly mentorship. We desire that our students grow in their mastery of the material as well as their understanding of themselves and the part they plan in God’s amazing plan. Learn more here.

Are you accredited?

While we aren't accredited, we do provide grades and transcripts. This video from our Director, Lisa Nehring, is helpful in understanding the role of accreditation for homeschooling families. You can also read more on our philosophy regarding accreditation here. 

What is the cost of the Program?

Class Fees are listed on each product page. No hidden registration or tech fees- they are included in the cost of the class.

Tell me about the Virtual Campus.

TNHA uses a Virtual Campus, an LMS (learning management system) that both parents and students access to manage their enrollment and classes. Students and parents have separate dashboards so that parents can see how their child is doing, communicate with teachers, and interact with our LMS Manager. 

Our Virtual Campus uses Zoom to deliver the classes, within the secure framework of the LMS.

What would you say is the ballpark range most high school students spend per day doing school work?

If the classes are full credit, they will entail about 120 hrs of work. So, 30 hours of live online instruction and 90 hours of homework spread over 30 weeks. Many of our students take six classes and find it very doable- some classes will require less work. 

What does a daily course load look like?

We do use Zoom for our live online classes as well as the Learning Mangaement system (LMS). Classes generally meet weekly with assigned and graded homework throughout the rest of the week. For a full load, students have 6-7 hours of online meetings per week- again with assigned and graded homework for the rest of the week.

Are there specific times my child will need to be online?

Our live, online dynamic classes are delivered via Zoom according to the schedule set by True North Homeschool Academy. See a schedule of a sample here.

The class recording is provided for students registered with us who cannot attend a class. However, the structure of True North Homeschool Academy is more than the delivery of educational content. We are a community where the student and families engage through our Virtual Campus and participate in the class's live participation. 

Self-Paced Classes are different. They can be viewed on your own schedule. 

For the Classical Memory with Claritas classes (when offered) , we do not record the information specific to Claritas (ie., new memory work and memory review).

Do you accept Charter funds?

We do accept funds from specific states. If parents want to purchase a “secular” class, we do offer classes that will meet that criteria. But if the charter funds require that we are secular as a school, we cannot accept the funds (i.e. CA). But we do take funds from AZ and GA each year. 

Can someone give me a call?

If you're unable to find the answer to your question here in our FAQ section, use the Chatbox below. When chatting with us via Chatbox, please include your email address.

Are there required materials for the classes?

Each teacher will assign any necessary materials required to participate in the coursework. If you purchase the class but do not purchase the required materials for the class, this will void the refund policy. Most materials may be purchased on Amazon, but particular classes require the purchase of teacher developed materials produced by True North Homeschool Academy.

Do you recommend standardized testing?

We believe standardized testing has five benefits, and TNHA utilizes the Performance Series Test.

True North Homeschool Academy offers standardized reading, Math, and Language Arts tests for K-12th grade.

These tests can be submitted for state standardized testing requirements and taken more than once throughout the school year at no extra cost.

We personally set up each test and run the results for you. Because of this personalized attention, expect to wait up to 24 hours from when you purchase the test to when you have information about starting the test. For those who would like the test interpretation, setting a follow-up appointment with our test administrator will require. This is not required and is offered as an extra service for parents.

What does a typical week look like?

Our course Syllabus is housed on our secure online campus, and each parent and student has access to this, along with the course schedule, at all times. 

Each class differs in the amount of homework, but typically students will attend class and have reading, assignments, videos, and projects to work on during the week.  

For example, if your student enrolls in a class that meets twice weekly, such as Tuesday and Thursday, working on assignments on Wednesday and Friday might be appropriate; due dates of projects notwithstanding. 

Will our credits transfer if we decide to return to public school?

It depends on the laws in your state. Most states will accept homeschool credits. A handful won't. We recommend visiting HSLDA for clarification in your state.

What is your refund policy?

We understand that you may realize our classes are not a good fit for your child and so we offer a full refund less 30% for the first four days after a class starts. The refund will be issued as a gift card/store credit that you can use on anything in the True North Homeschool Academy Shop, including eBooks and Self-Paced classes for up to 12 months. To initate a refund, complete this form

What if my child struggles with the material?

In our experience, good student placement that can anticipate student struggles starts with Student Advising. We work with you to create an actionable, affordable plan to ensure homeschool success. Let our years of experience as educators guide you, giving you confidence in your course choices. Find out more about Advising here.

Additionally, enrolled students have access to the teacher through messaging via our Virtual Campus.  Messages are usually answered within 24 hours during the week.

Will my child receive a grade?

Yes. Our teachers give and grade assignments, and students receive a Semester 1 Grade Report and End-of-Year Grade Report.

Can I enroll at any time?

Open enrollment is three times per year, Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Self Paced classes happen throughout the year.

How do I know where to place my junior high (middle school) student?

Starting with a Typical Course of study Jr High can help you gain clarity. We also recommend Academic Advising for all new students coming into True North Homeschool Academy.

Where should I start with my high school student?

You might find the Typical Course of Study for High School helpful. We also recommend Academic Advising for all new students.

How are you different from Classical Conversations?

We have many students currently or previously enrolled in CC's Challenge. The biggest difference is that our teachers are experts in their subject matter and so the instruction is more straightforward, the students have a much better understanding of what's expected and how to get it done.

Tell me about your math classes.

It is a unique blended learning environment- we use the award-winning CTC math paired with a weekly live online meeting with a qualified teacher. So, the kids have daily math practice and a qualified math teacher- we've found it to be a unique and fantastic combo!

Do you offer math classes for kids who are not on grade level due to learning differences?

Students can choose the math class that is at their grade level. For going over basic math functions, we recommend Framework Math.

My son has mild/moderate special needs (ADHD and Dyslexia). I know the high school program in Classical Conversations is very rigorous and often very overwhelming for students with learning differences. I saw that you work to accommodate these types of students, which makes me so happy. I’m just curious what the time commitment for school might look like for him on a daily basis ?

We do have “bridge” and adapted classes. Homework is not as rigorous as our mainstream high school classes, but still counts for high school credit- you can mix and match classes – customize it- for the very best fit for your students.

We have our child enrolled part time in our local public school and he has been doing great doing half public school, half TNHA. We'd love to continue classes with TrueNorth next year however it gets tricky not knowing schdule. My question is: if we sign him up for morning classes and, due to scheduling, he cannot be present at that time, can he still take the class and do the work as scheduled by watching the class the next day? Or do you have to be present at the set time?

They are recorded but designed to be taken live.

Would that be a problem and could she get the recording? Also, I want to make sure this class is going to provide teacher feedback and correction on papers, so that’s she’s prepared for college. Do you offer any form of refund if it’s not what I need?

The teacher provides feedback and correction, yes.

Our refund policy can be found here:
What is your refund policy?
We understand that you may realize our classes are not a good fit for your child and so we offer a full refund less 30% for the first 4 days after a class starts. The refund will be issued as a gift card that you can use on anything in the shop.

Where can I see my previous purchases and download a receipt?

Visit the My Account section of our Shop.

Do you offer Academic Advising?

Academic Advising – Your Path to Homeschool Success

Academic advising equips parents and students with a personalized plan, including tutoring or guidance for testing, career, and special needs, and helps create transcripts, grading, test prep, and more.

 True North Homeschool Academy requires Academic Advising for all new families and includes Academic Advising in all Course Bundles. 

Our years of experience with thousands of students have given us the wisdom and insight to see that families who utilize Academic Advising have more confidence in their class choices. Further, the students can find the sweet spot between not being hard enough and being overwhelmed, creating a better learning experience. 

We have Academic Advising, Special Needs Academic Advising, and College & Career Advising.

Do you offer military or pastor discounts?

Yes, we do with verification of your status. Please email for the application and information.

Do you offer coupons?

All coupons and special promotions are delivered via our email list. To subscribe to the list, please complete the form here.