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Grade Level: High School (Grades 10-12)

One Semester Course – credit value 1/2 (.5) High School credit

Meeting: Tuesdays, 12:45-1:45 p.m. CST Spring Semester

Instructor: Natasha Jones

Required Materials:


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Economics might seem like an intimidating subject area, but this class will provide a fun adventure into the world of economics! The class will use Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, A Bluestocking Guide to Economics, and The Money Mystery as the foundation for our journey.

Students will also have two projects to complete through the semester:

  1. Cost of living project: where they will investigate what life will cost them at age 23.  They will “find a job”, establish a budget based on their salary, determine how much rent, insurance, and all the other aspects that go along with independent living will be. Students will then make a presentation to the class on their findings. 
  2. Stock market challenge: Students will be given an amount of “money” to invest in the Stock market and we will compete as a class to see who makes the wisest investments.

The semester will give students a foundation in the history of economics and why we are where we are as a country and the world.

Studying economics is important to students as they prepare to launch into adulthood. It will help them make the connection between hard and smart work and life success as well as a reason to conquer algebra and other math skills. In other words, economics is a practical application of those pesky math classes your kids are always telling you they won’t use in life.  Understanding economics allows us to understand how the world functions since money and its uses are a valuable part of the study of human behavior.

This is a practical, fun, project-based introduction to a field that will give your students success tools that will benefit them for life!

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Required Materials:


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