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Full-Year Course

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  • anatomy and physilogy for homeschool high school students

    Anatomy and Physiology

  • online homeschool class Biblical Hebrew

    Biblical Hebrew II

  • Chemistry with labs


  • Online Art Class Form and Color True North Homeschool Academy

    Form and Color

  • Online French class for young students

    French A Elementary

  • Online french class for elementary students

    French B Elementary

  • Online Homeschool Class Modern Hebrew II True North Homeschool Academy

    Hebrew – Modern II

  • High School Homeroom

  • Latin 1 for homeschoolers

    Latin I

  • Literature through Film | an online literature class for homeschool high school students

    Literature through Film

  • Modern hebrew online class for homeschool highschool students

    Modern Hebrew I

  • Modern History Exploration online class

    Modern History Exploration

  • Physical Science: Science at the Movies will explore students’ curiosity about science concepts based on the Marvel movies, such as how would the Infinity Stones work? And just HOW does Iron Man’s reactor power itself? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then this science class is for you!

    Physical Science: Science at the Movies

  • Politics Philosophy and Economics online homeschool class

    Politics, Philosophy and Economics

  • Short Story – Literature & Composition

  • World Literature and Composition online class

    World Literature and Composition