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Fall Semester Courses

This is a catalog of online, live homeschool courses offered by True North Homeschool Academy for grades K-12.

These are classes offered during the Fall Semester.

Click each class title for details:

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  • Art Level 1 online class for homeschoolers

    Art Level 1

  • Life of Christ (Bible at the Movies): Chosen Season 1 Instructor: Melissa Grande Time: Wednesdays 9:00AM CT

    Bible at the Movies | The Life of Christ: The Chosen

  • highh school civics class online

    Civics – One Semester

  • Copywriting 101 for high school

    Copywriting 101 | High School Entrepreneurial Series

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship | Fall 23-24

  • Expedition oceans online geography class for homeschool students

    Expedition Oceans | Fall Semester Class

  • Graphic Design with CANVA

    Graphic Design With Canva

  • Old Testament: Adam to Nehemiah

    Old Testament Survey – One Semester

  • TNHA Personal Finance Course for High School Homeschoolers

    Personal Finance | Fall Semester

  • Online Homeschool Class Spanish Homeroom True North Homeschool Academy

    Spanish Homeroom

  • self paced spanish

    Spanish Self-Paced