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American History


American History in Films

High School, 1 Credit Course 


Day: Monday | 2024-2025

Time: 2 pm CST

Instructor: Angie Ferrell


  • Access to films listed for the course
  • Blank timeline notebook (provided)
  • TNHA American History in Films study guide



American History 

Course:  American History in Film 2024-2025

Full Name of Teacher: Angela Ferrell

Semester or Full Year: Full Year

Age Group/Grades: 9th-12th grades

Day: Monday | 2024-2025

Time: 2 pm CST

Class Description:  American History is a full-year high school-level course. Students will study United States History using films as the primary “texts,” including award-winning full-length feature films, dramas, comedies, documentaries, and educational shorts. We will examine politics, economics, war, religion, culture, sports, and technology. Selected films present history entertainingly and memorably—worth watching for their own sake. This course is not an easier alternative to a textbook-based course. It will be challenging and rigorous, with an eye toward being more engaging.

Students of American History in Films will practice watching carefully and critically, honing skills of observation and interpretation. Most—but not all—of the feature films are free and can be viewed online, and various instructional video shorts will be used to supplement topics each week. All films are rated G, PG, or PG-13. This class will challenge students to think deeply and critically about key themes and big ideas of the studied historical eras and examine the role of culture in American history.

Assignments include keeping a timeline notebook, written discussions with classmates, quizzes, film summaries, semester exams, and a year-end project.

Required texts:

  • Blank timeline notebook (provided)
  • TNHA American History in Films study guide


FILM list coming soon!


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