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Full Year High School Course

Time: Wednesdays @ 9:00 CT

Grades 10-12th

Instructor: Melissa Grande

Required Texts & Materials

  •  Exploring the World of Astronomy  by John Hudson Tiner
  • Notepad, pencils, journaling materials.
  • Binoculars recommended.
  • Assessments: Quizzes, tests, projects, labs and presentations



Full Year Course 2024-25

Time: Wednesdays @ 9:00 CT

Grades 10-12th

Instructor: Melissa Grande

“He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names. Great is our Lord and abundant in power.” – Psalm 147:4-5 

Embark on a cosmic journey this fall in high school Astronomy! This full year course brings the wonders of the universe to life with an eclectic blend of project-based learning, multimedia content, student collaboration & traditional lectures. Students will explore the depths of space with an overview of celestial bodies & phenomena, telescope basics and the history of space travel. Other topics covered will include Aerospace current events, careers in Astronomy and various Aerospace topics including ISS, drones & spacecraft. This class will be taught from a decidedly Christian worldview, with the understanding that Astronomy is a helpful & effective tool when understood as part of God’s bigger design. Successful completion of this course will earn students 1 Science or Elective credit. 


Successful completion of a high school level science and math is required. 


  • Mead (or similar) composition notebook, writing utensils (multicolored pencils or erasable pens recommended). 
  • OpenStax “Astronomy” online web book. This will be used as an additional resource. Students are not required to purchase the printed edition. Students will need to create a student account.
  • Ability to stream or borrow various movies & documentaries. The final multimedia list is pending (will be updated later this spring), but preliminary titles include: Hidden Figures, WALL*E, Apollo: Missions to the Moon. 
  • Access to current events relevant to Astronomy & Aerospace. 

1 review for Astronomy

  1. Rosie L.

    Mrs. Cummings is a wonderful teacher and she re-kindled my love for the cosmos. This class is very cool.

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