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Career Exploration Bootcamp Summer


Career Exploration Bootcamp

High School Level  (7th Grade and up)

Meets: Tuesday |  9:00-10:15 a.m. CT

Instructor: Angie Ferrell

RequiredText: What Color is Your Parachute by Bolles 

Credit: 1/4




Career Exploration Bootcamp

Career Exploration Bootcamp is a practical, hands-on, 6 week summer course that will take students from dreaming about their first job to having actionable steps to ensuring it becomes a reality. Perfect for high schoolers at every level as they sort through if college is right for them or if they are worried about the future because they have no decisive plan.

Career Exploration Bootcamp is designed to jump-start your dive into the workforce and inspire you to plan for an exciting future.  Your journey on the path to career and life fulfillment begins with a thorough self-analysis. Using tried and true career planning tools, you will map out a vocational and/or occupational route, which matches your key skills, preferences, and values to a potential career. Next, you will unearth key concepts about the shifting landscape of today’s job market and how to access the many possibilities awaiting you.

The facilitator will lead class discussions, assign relevant reading, and direct participants to useful resources to help in the research and exploration process. Be prepared for a journey of self-discovery and to unearth some challenging ideas about your future possibilities!

This course will be worth ¼ credit and grades will be heavily weighted toward classroom participation. It is also a great primer for the more in-depth Career Exploration: Orienteering class being offered in the Fall.

Required Text: What Color is Your Parachute by Bolles . The The 2022 edition is releasing April 5, and we would prefer students use the most current Edition as they update the book yearly based on current research and trends. 

Pair Career Exploration Bootcamp with Poetry Essentials, Math Skills for Chemistry or Latin Bootcamp I for a robust 6 weeks of learning!




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