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Full Year Course

Here you will find a catalog of full-year courses offered for homeschooled students in grades K-12.

Some of these classes are only full-year classes, and others may be joined mid-year which will be indicated in the course descriptions.

Click below for more information on each class title:

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  • Adapted English 2 live online class Adapted English 2 for struggling learner homeschoolers

    Adapted English 2

  • Adapted English I online class for struggling learners

    Adapted English I

  • adapted classes for high school students who are struggling

    Adapted Science

  • Algebra I online class for high school homeschoolers

    Algebra I

  • Algebra 2 | high school math class live online

    Algebra II

  • ASL 1

    American Sign Language 1

  • TNHA Product Image Anatomy & Physiology with labs online class for high school

    Anatomy and Physiology

  • TNHA Product Image Art Level 1 High school online homeschool classes

    Art Level 1

  • Astronomy is a fascinating science that has sparked wonder in people for generations. In this engaging class, we will look at creation by studying astronomy. Astronomy students will start the year off by studying the earth and moon and then the rest of the solar system, including the Sun, the terrestrial planets, gas giants, asteroids, meteors and comets. Along with studying the unique features of the planets we will look at Newton’s law of gravity and Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion.


  • Biblical Hebrew 1 online class

    Biblical Hebrew I

  • biblical hebrew 2

    Biblical Hebrew II

  • high school Biology for homeschool families through online classes


  • Career Exploration for high school students | online class

    Career Exploration

  • TNHA Product Image Chinese Language learning level one online course

    Chinese Language – High School Level One

  • TNHA Product Image Chinese Language learning level two online course

    Chinese Level Two – High School

  • Elementary school level children can learn Chinese


  • Dystopian Reading and Composition will take a year long deep dive into one of the most popular literary genres today! Students will not only read some of the most well known dystopian literature, but they will write their own dystopian novel!

    Dystopian Reading and Composition

  • Earth and Space Science online class for homeschooled students in junior high or middle school

    Earth and Space Science

  • Elementary Homeroom

  • English Grammar B

  • Environmental Science with Labs

    Environmental Science

  • Sale! TNHA Product Image Art Class Form & Color High School online class

    Form and Color

  • Sale! TNHA high school class formal logic for home schoolers

    Formal Logic

  • _French 2 Intro to French online class for high school students

    French – Level Two

  • Online French class for young students

    French A Elementary

  • Online french class for elementary students

    French B Elementary

  • _French 1 Intro to French online class

    French I

  • geometry class for homeschool students online class


  • Healthy habits that start in the teen years can last a lifetime. This is more than a course. High School Health is a blueprint so teens can understand how God created their bodies and how to keep them working optimally for the rest of their lives.

    Health – High School

  • Online Homeschool Class Modern Hebrew II True North Homeschool Academy

    Hebrew – Modern II

  • Bible Heroes, an online Bible class for elementary homeschool students

    Heroes of the Faith

  • High School Homeroom

  • Informal Logic

  • This is a full year, one credit course in which the study of the novels of Jane Austen, and Emily and Charlotte Bronte will build skills in literary analysis and discussion; themes, culture, and characters.

    Jane Austen & Emily Bronte – Full-Year Course

  • Jr High U.S. Literature and Composition Level 1

  • Latin I

    Latin I

  • Latin II

    Latin II

  • Lief SKills 101 online class for homeschool teens

    Life Skills 101

  • Medieval World History taught live online for homeschoolers

    Medieval World History

  • Middle Ages Exploration taught live online for homeschoolers

    Middle Ages Exploration – Elementary

  • Modern hebrew online class for homeschool highschool students

    Modern Hebrew I

  • Modern History Exploration online class

    Modern History Exploration

  • Sale! TNHA Personal Finance Course for High School Homeschoolers

    Personal Finance

  • Middle school or Junior High Students who want to be challenged may also join this high school level class.

    Photography & Digital Technology

  • Physical Science: Science at the Movies will explore students’ curiosity about science concepts based on the Marvel movies, such as how would the Infinity Stones work? And just HOW does Iron Man’s reactor power itself? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then this science class is for you!

    Physical Science: Science at the Movies

  • True North Homeschool Academy High School Physics Class with Labs taught by Dr. Moon


  • high school honors class online @ True North Homeschool Academy

    Politics, Philosophy and Economics

  • Psychology class full year clep prep test online


  • TNHA Science Exploration Elementary Science class online

    Science Exploration A

  • Spanish 4 taught live online for homeschoolers

    Spanish 4