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German Film – The Art of German Filmmaking


German I

Full Year Junior High | Middle School 

Meets: 2023 – 2024 | Wednesdays, 9 am – 10 am CST

Instructor: Dana Hanley

Required Materials:

Teacher provided

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German Film

German Film will be an opportunity to explore filmmaking with some of the masters of German Film.

This class will be immersive and held in German. Prerequisites are German 3 or German 4, or teacher permission. 

As we explore the history of German film, we will look at different topics in visual storytelling, including the use of light and shadow, camera angles, etc. 

This is a project-based class and students will apply their knowledge to their own video projects. Students may choose to make a longer film, short skits, or animations (including stop motions). The main goal is to demonstrate knowledge of the topic we are discussing and to practice German in an immersive and engaging environment that challenges students to use all of their skills.

There are no materials to purchase for this class, however, students will be required to rent or stream some movies and/or clips to complete homework.

Because the availability of German films varies from month to month, I do not have a finalized list. They will be available to rent or stream on YouTube, Amazon, or possibly Tubi. My preference is for films available in German but with English subtitles, however, this may not always be possible. 

Pair with history, literature, or art for a well-rounded study of the art of storytelling.


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