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German A – An Introduction to the German Language


German I

Full Year Junior High | Middle School 

Meets: 2024-2025 | Mondays, 12:45-1:45 p.m. CST

Instructor: Dana Hanley:

Required Materials:

Teacher provided.


German A

German A will introduce students to German language in an engaging format designed to increase their confidence as they explore a new language and culture.

We will learn basic vocabulary through games and lively activities to engage students and help them practice basic colors, numbers and introductions that will give them everything they need to excel in high school German.

Regular homework will be provided to help practice new skills outside of class, however it will only take a few minutes a day to complete.

The goal is to develop good language learning habits and to not forget everything between classes. There will also be small projects and web quests to help students gain an appreciation for the influence of German culture in their communities and possibly even in their own families.

Regular quizzes are designed help students study vocabulary. Assessment is made primarily through projects in German as well as take home tests.


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