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shor story lit and comp high school class for true north homeschool academy

Short Story – Literature & Composition

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Course Title: Short Story – Literature & Composition

Full Name of Teacher: Angela Ferrell

Semester or Full Year: Full Year

Age Group/Grades: 9th-12th grades

Day:  Tuesday | 2024-2025

Time: 2 pm CST

Course Title: Short Story - Literature & Composition

Full Name of Teacher: Angela Ferrell

Semester or Full Year: Full Year

Age Group/Grades: 9th-12th grades


Course Title: Short Story - Literature & Composition

Full Name of Teacher: Angela Ferrell


Class DescriptionShort Story - Literature and Composition is an excellent option for students seeking broader exposure to authors and genres while demanding fewer reading hours than full-length novels.  This year-long, one-credit-hour high school-level language arts course is best suited to 9th or 10th graders seeking fundamental literary analysis and essay writing or 11th and 12th graders needing a high school English credit without an advanced composition requirement.

For centuries, humanity has used storytelling to pass on culture, ethics, and moral principles to the next generation. In this course, students will read classic short stories, novellas, plays, and poems that have stood the test of time, and they will analyze these stories for essential themes, worldviews, and values. Chosen texts are in the public domain and free from sources like Gutenberg online or audiobook format from Librivox. The instructor will provide copies or links to texts, and a complete list will be provided before the start of class.

Literature and Composition Short Story aims to teach essential writing skills while fostering an appetite for worthwhile literature. Classic stories have the power to spark an interest in becoming what C.S. Lewis called the few: those individuals who have developed a love of great storytelling in general and quality books in particular. The course is taught from a Christian worldview.

Students will engage in persuasive essay writing, character analysis, and lively classroom discussions that encourage critical thinking and value clarification. Moreover, they will develop the essential high school writing skills of outlining, thesis formation, supporting assertions, citing sources, and spotting common writing errors. There will also be a short story creative writing activity.

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8 reviews for Short Story – Literature & Composition

  1. Tina Dewey

    Excellent class and absolutely wonderful teacher who truly cares about her students. I appreciated the timely and detailed feedback, as well as the interesting and creative assignments. I am looking forward to when my son will have the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Ferrell in the future.

  2. Kathy Gounaud

    “[My student] has dragged through other literature or composition course. I recall seeing him stare blankly at a screen for hours, and there were definitely tears. But he rated your class as one of his all-time favorites! He found the in-class discussion and activities particularly enjoyable. Thank you!”

  3. S.F. (student)

    “I really enjoyed all the discussions and assignments we had this year! You got me really thinking about big thoughts and almost everyday after class I would be interested and tell my mom about what we had been discussing. This was my first year taking an English class through True North and you made it wonderful!” 5/5 stars; S.F. (student) April 2023

  4. J.S. (student)

    “The work was challenging. But my attitude is what made it hard. I’m reminded of a Navy SEAL saying, “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.” I learned to like hard work. I loved this course. It was fun and challenging.”
    5/5 stars, J.S. (student), April 2023

  5. Gabrielle Wyatt (parent)

    “We thoroughly enjoyed this class with Ms. Ferrell. She provided such detailed instruction and open, interactive class discussions that my son was quite comfortable once he got used to the rhythm of the class. Ms. Ferrel was very approachable, accommodating, insightful whenever we had questions or issues. My son finished this class with a lot of confidence in both his reading and comprehension for higher level English and is looking at tackling some Dual Enrollment next year. I highly recommend this class!”
    5/5 STARS, Gabrielle Wyatt (parent), May 2023

  6. S.R. (student)

    “I just wanted to personally thank you for a wonderful year! I absolutely loved your course. I have learned so much and enjoyed every second of class! You have given me a lot to think about this for many years to come and an excellent example of how to approach topics like this with thoughtfulness and biblical wisdom!”

  7. E.D. (student), Literature & Composition

    “When I first began this class, I viewed reading, and writing, as a chore…But as the year has gone by, I have witnessed myself grow substantially. Now I view writing and reading not as a chore, but as a great adventure. The reading I have done this past year has greatly inspired me.”

  8. E.L. (student), Literature & Composition

    “Lit & Comp was my favorite class this year, not just because I love reading, but for these reasons: my teacher was amazing, we read countless original stories, and I learned how to deeply read any passage of text. Mrs. Ferrell made this class exciting by making it a safe space to discuss how we felt about the stories presented to us in class. During class, we did fun Jamboards with our peers, we had amusing – sometimes off-topic– conversations, and we had exciting stories to read. Mrs. Ferrell was a true and enjoyable surprise for me this year and it made all the difference.”

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