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Video Editing Basics

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Video Editing Basics – Elective

High School

Full Year Class

Meets: 2024 – 2025 | Wednesdays,  | 3:15 – 4:15 p.m. CST

Instructor: BJ Pramann

Required Materials: Wondershare Filmora One-year subscription plan. This is the software we will be learning.


Video Editing Basics will teach high school students proper video cutting, pans and zoom-ins, effects and where to use them, audio, and sound effects, storytelling, and how to structure video footage. This course is designed for budding You-Tube Stars, and others on social media that use video: Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms that utilize video.

Videos are becoming more prevalent and with video editing software readily available, delving into video editing has become accessible to anyone with a computer who is willing to invest in learning the skills.

Students will submit a 30-minute video at the beginning of the class to use throughout the year. At the end of each unit, students will be asked to submit a 3-5 minute video for review. Each unit will focus on new skills, building on previously learned skills and culminating in an end-of-year project. 

Topics in Video Editing Basics:

  • Unit 1:  Focus on introducing the software and cutting footage. Students will effectively narrow down footage while focusing on telling an engaging story. 
  • Unit 2: Focus on some of the simpler video effects. Students will learn the proper use for slow-motion, speed-ups,  pans, and zoom-ins.  
  • Unit 3:  Focus on background music, musical pauses, and sound effects.
  • Unit 4: Introducing more complicated video effects and developing an understanding of how to use them.
  • Unit 5:  Mix video with sound. 
  • Unit 6:  Putting it together in a finished video.

Required Materials: Wondershare Filmora  One year subscription plan. This is the software we will be learning.

Middle school or Junior High Students who want to be challenged may also join this high school level class.

Pair this course with Entrepreneurship, Form & Color and Photoshop for a robust year of learning!

2 reviews for Video Editing Basics

  1. Rosie L.

    As someone who loves editing videos, it was so cool getting to try a new program and learning things I didn’t know how to do. Mrs. Pramann is an awesome teacher and her class is very fun.

  2. Cindy E. (verified owner)

    My son just finished this course. Ms. Pramann was a very engaging teacher and my son always looked forward to doing his homework. Great class for the beginner and intermediate video editing student.

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