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Exploring Chemistry and Physics for Middle School


Exploring Chemistry & Physics

Middle SchoolJunior High Class

Full Year Course

Meets: Thursday, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Instructor: Emma Cummings

Required Materials


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Exploring Chemistry and Physics for Middle School

Exploring Chemistry and Physics is appropriate for middle school/Junior High students. We will discover how both Biology and Physics are all around us and part of our everyday world.

Chemistry and Physics are two branches of physics that sit well together. The study of one helps the understanding of the other.

Semester 1: In this semester, we will be looking at the world of Chemistry. This journey will take us roughly through a historical overview of the discoveries of Chemistry, from how the ancients studied metals, to the discovery of the order behind the Periodic Table, to how modern Chemistry shapes our world. We will learn about metals and non-metals and what the order behind the Periodic Table teaches us. We will look at electrical chemistry, the structure of the atom, and ions. Furthermore, we will also look at the special chemistry that makes water molecules particularly interesting. As well as the diversity and importance of carbon compounds. We will end the semester studying more modern applications to chemistry, including silicon and its compounds, and how they have transformed the modern world.

Semester 2: In this semester, we will be looking at the world of Physics. Physics is fundamentally the study of matter and energy; and how they interact. After studying the world of chemistry, we can look at how the fundamental properties of matter will open up the world of physics. We will begin by studying motion and forces and learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion and gravity. This will lead us to consider some of the simple applications of these ideas in Simple Machines. We will then move on to consider energy, heat, and matter. Our physics study will then take us to the existing study of waves and light. This will lead us to the world of electricity and magnetism. We will end the semester by considering nuclear physics and looking at how nuclear fusion and fission work. Finally, consider how physics is helping us in our everyday lives and how it will be instrumental for our future.

Throughout the year, students will learn about many of the key scientists who have contributed to our understanding of the world around us, with a special emphasis on Christian scientists.

In studying chemistry and physics, we will see the hallmark of our Creator God.

Within weekly classes, there will be opportunities for group discussions and quizzes. There will be a number of different lab activities throughout the year, where students can do experiments within their homes. A lab PDF will be provided with a number of experiments, some of which will be given as lab homework, and the others are for students to choose as part of an end-of-semester presentation.

Assessments will be continual throughout the academic year and will be a combination of weekly homework activities, labs, and digital escape rooms; at the end of each semester, students will present a presentation to the rest of the class on one of the experiments they have done in the semester.

This course would be a fantastic launch pad into High School Chemistry and/or Physics.

Required Materials

Full Year Course – 1 Credit: Your True North Homeschool Academy teacher will teach and grade the class. The coursework your child will complete is equal to one credit hour, which may be awarded by your homeschool high school upon completion of the course.

If you need help determining your students’ credits or creating a transcript, check out our Academic Advising.



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