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Non-Traditional Learners

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  • Exploring Biology and Physics is appropriate for middle school/Junior High students. We will discover how both Biology and Physics are all around us and part of our everyday world. The fall semester will focus on exploring the fascinating world of Biology, using John Hudson Tiners’ book, Exploring the World of Biology. Students will discover how scientists classified living things, extract DNA and RNA from cells, and how we can look closer at the amazing world around us. The spring semester will find us exploring Physics using John Hudson Tiners’ book, Exploring the World of Physics. Students will discover how the laws of motion and gravity affect us every day and how breakthroughs in physics are changing our world. We will learn about the history of these discoveries and have opportunities to complete our own experiments leading to deeper learning and understanding.

    Exploring Biology and Physics

  • World Geography | an online class for homeschool high school class

    World Geography – Full Year