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Jr. High

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  • 7th grade math online homeschool class

    7th Grade Math 

  • Biblical Feasts and Festivals, an online class for junior high and high school homeschoolers.

    Biblical Feasts and Festivals

  • Coaching


  • Earth and Space Science online class for homeschooled students in junior high or middle school

    Earth and Space Science

  • Informal Logic for high school homeschool students online class

    Informal Logic

  • online homeschool class U.S. Literature and Composition

    Jr High U.S. Literature and Composition Level 1

  • online homeschool classes

    Junior High Six Class Bundle

  • Junior High Six Class Bundle – One Semester

  • Spanish 1A full year junior high spanish class online (1)

    Junior High Spanish 1 A Junior High

  • Junior High Spanish.

    Junior High Spanish 1 B

  • online homeschool classes

    Junior High Three Class Bundle

  • Junior High Three Class Bundle – One Semester

  • Latin Study Helps Mock Up

    Latin Study Helps

  • Literature through Film | an online literature class for homeschool high school students

    Literature through Film

  • Old Testament Survey online class for homeschoolers

    Old Testament Survey – One Semester

  • Organizing Your Writing II will focus on teaching students in grades 6-12 to write with competence and ease. Different forms of writing can be a hard and frustrating task for struggling students. This course will help students approach their drafts and published writings with confidence. Students often need encouragement and guidance to articulate their thoughts while expressing ideas on paper. Students will learn the basics of simple essay writing in a non-stressful environment.

    Organizing Your Writing II

  • Organizing Your Writing 3

    Organizing Your Writing III

  • Photography and digital tech online class for homeschoolers

    Photography & Digital Technology

  • Private Tutoring

  • Online Homeschool Class Spanish Homeroom True North Homeschool Academy

    Spanish Homeroom

  • self paced spanish

    Spanish Self-Paced

  • US Geography class online for homeschoolers junior high

    U.S. Geography

  • online us history class for homeschoolers

    U.S. History – Junior High

  • Writing 7: Narnia-Aslan’s Country teaches students advanced writing skills while exploring the enchanted land of Narnia through the IEW Structure and Style writing method.

    Writing 7 | Narnia: Aslan’s Country

  • online writing class for homeschoolers

    Writing Skills 5 – Modern World