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  • anatomy and physilogy for homeschool high school students

    Anatomy and Physiology

  • Astronomy is a fascinating science that has sparked wonder in people for generations. In this engaging class, we will look at creation by studying astronomy. Astronomy students will start the year off by studying the earth and moon and then the rest of the solar system, including the Sun, the terrestrial planets, gas giants, asteroids, meteors and comets. Along with studying the unique features of the planets we will look at Newton’s law of gravity and Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion.


  • High School biology with labs with dr. Kristin Moon


  • Chemistry with labs


  • Environmental Science with Labs online homeschool class

    Environmental Science

  • General Science for Junior High Middle School students live online classes True North Homeschool Academy

    General Science | Junior High

  • Genetics online science class for homeschool high school students


  • Healthy habits that start in the teen years can last a lifetime. This is more than a course. High School Health is a blueprint so teens can understand how God created their bodies and how to keep them working optimally for the rest of their lives.

    Health – High School

  • physics with labs high school

    Physics for High School

  • Private Tutoring

  • Science Exploration for Homeschool Students online class

    Science Exploration A

  • elementary science B for homeschool students TNHA

    Science Exploration B