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Physical Science: Science at the Movies


Physical Science: Science at the Movies

Full Year High School Course

Meets:  2024- 2025| Wednesday 10:15 am – 11:15 am CST

Instructor: Melissa Grande

Required Texts:


Physical Science: Science at the Movies

Have you wondered how the Infinity Stones work? And just HOW does Iron Man’s reactor power itself? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then this science class is for you! Join us this 2023/24 school year as we journey together on an adventure to explore the world of Physical Science through the lens of the Marvel movies. This is a great class to get students prepared to tackle upper high school-level science classes. Students will learn how to write a lab report, as well as keep a high school-level science notebook. Viewing the movies will not be required, although it may be helpful for full participation in classroom discussions. Successful completion of this class earns students 1 science credit & .5 lab credit.


Successful completion of a junior high school level science is recommended (Botany, Zoology, Earth & Space etc).  



  • “The Student Lab Report Handbook” by John D. Mays
  • “The Science of Marvel” by Sebastian Alvarado
  • Mead (or similar) composition notebook for lab journal use
  • Lab supplies for student labs will be common household items. Any labs that require more than a common household item will be completed via demonstration in class OR virtually online. 


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