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Health – High School


Full Year High School Class

Meets: Thursday,  FALL 2023 | 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm CST

Instructor: Meredith Curtis

Supplies/Resources Needed

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Health – High School

Healthy habits that start in the teen years can last a lifetime. This is more than a course. High School Health is a blueprint so teens can understand how God created their bodies and how to keep them working optimally for the rest of their lives.

Health will cover basic anatomy, nutrition, exercise, safety, personal hygiene, relationships, communication, addictions, bullying, integrity, work, technology wisdom, and emotions will all be covered in this course. Students will complete projects to put into practice what they are learning, such as making an exercise plan or creating a poster to discourage smoking.

Students will learn that they have the autonomy to make personal health choices, but those decisions have consequences. Students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their health in a proactive way.

Students will read the work text and answer questions at home for each health topic. We will discuss topics, watch videos, role-play, and explore health issues in class.

Students will complete

  • My Healthy Food Plan Project
  • My Own First Aid Kit Project
  • My Exercise Plan Project
  • My “Do Not Smoke” Poster Project
  • My Lies vs. Truth Project
  • My Healthy Relationships Project

Grades will be based on the completion of reading, homework, health project, and class participation. There are no tests in this class.

Supplies/Resources Needed

  • Textbook: Healthy Living for Christian Teens by Meredith Curtis
  • Supplies to put together a First Aid Kit
  • Posterboard for “Do Not Smoke” Poster
  • Any equipment needed for the exercise of the teen’s choice


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