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French 2


French – Level Two

Full Year – High School Course

Meets:  2024- 2025 | Thursdays, 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. CST

Instructor: Rachel Margaillan

Prerequisites: French 1 or knowledge of the basic vocabulary and grammar in French


French – Level Two is a full-year course that follows French 1, and that will get high school students develop their conversational skills, enrich greatly their vocabulary and build a solid French grammar foundation. It’s recommended for students 8 to 12th grade, and the prerequisites are French 1 or a knowledge of the basic vocabulary and grammar in French.

The main focus will be on being able to converse in French more and more easily. Reading and comprehension will be also a big part of our focus. Lessons will include grammar, conjugation and spelling to ensure that the students can express themselves good, understand how to build sentences   and why words should be spelled the way they are.

Understanding a language goes hand in hand in understanding the culture of a country, that’s why we will explore the different parts of the world where French is spoken. Exploring will greatly help us expand our vocabulary.

French – Level Two will allow students to sustain a simple conversation, understand simple questions and answer them, as well as understand well short texts and have a general comprehension of longer ones by the end of the year. They should be able to recognize different tense of verbs and start using past and future tense with the most common verbs. They should know about 1000 words and start having a good enough French pronunciation so they can be understood and enjoy talking.

Participation in class will be very important this year.

Prerequisites: French 1 or knowledge of the basic vocabulary and grammar in French

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