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True North Homeschool Teacher of French Rachel Margaillan

Teacher Profile

Rachel Margaillan

True North Homeschool Academy Teacher

Rachel teaches the high school course, French I, for the True North Homeschool Academy.

About Rachel

Rachel Margaillan is a homeschool mom of three who is passionate about passing on her faith and love for Jesus to her children and to other kids too. She believes that teaching children a strong biblical worldview, guiding them on how to have a connection with God, and instilling in them the notion that they are so valuable to God, are three important pillars to their walk in life.

She loves to teach and create fun educational resources that allow children to be creative and use their five senses. She is also a writer and feels a calling to write children’s books that help them to grow in faith.

She developed and illustrated a French reading method for little children that is also suitable for learning French as a second language. You can find her resources in French and English, and a few in Italian on her blog Joue Joues Apprenons.

She is French and grew up in the French Alps. Now she is married and lives in Italy with her husband and three children.

Homeschool Experience

Rachel has been homeschooling for ten years. She teaches her children in three languages: French, English, and Italian, using a happy mixture of the classical approach, Montessori pedagogy, and unschooling.

Professional Degrees & Experience

She studied literature and music (Baccalauréat and then three years of University), then taught music for a few years before going to Africa (Guinea) where she taught elementary children for four years in a missionary school. She also participated in educational programs in Ukraine.

She gained experience teaching private classes to children and adults. She likes to create adapt or curriculums to the needs of her students. Most of all, Rachel enjoys showing her students that French is not that complicated after all!


Lisa and her webinar on Homeschooling through middle school was an answer to prayer! I feel so much more prepared and confident for being able to educate my children not on in middle school, but in high school in preparation for college as well! Thank you, Lisa and True North for easing this Mama’s anxiety! God bless you!

Julia L.

Homeschooling parent