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Special Needs Resource Listing

Special Needs Resource Listing: At True North Homeschool Academy we love to resource our families with products and services that meet their academic needs! If you have a Struggling Learner or Special Needs student, we can help you with products, services and resources that will lead you to academic success!

Twenty-Five Clues Hinting at Learning Disabilities

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Special Needs Resources

At True North Homeschool Academy, we have developed even more courses to accommodate your non-traditional learner! Our unique, “At the Moves” series of classes is designed to deliver upper level concepts in a non-traditional way. Check out

And for those of you with kids struggling to write beyond a few sentence, our ever popular has expanded, giving you two student two great options to continue developing their skills, earning high school credit while feeling and knowing that they are succeedig!

Special Needs Resources

NEW for this year! Adapted Social Studies and English! These classes will meet more frequently, for shorter length of times, to ensure that your students will be able to take in and process the information!

At True North Homeschool Academy, we are committed to coming alongside you to provide you with Special Needs Resources, classes and community!