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Adapted Bundle


Adapted Bundle

Choose any two adapted level courses.

Instructor: Varies



Adapted Bundle

Adapted Bundle is a two-class Bundle allows you to choose two of any classes in the adapted learning (struggling learners) program).

Twenty-Five Clues Hinting at Learning Disabilities that Hint at Learning Disabilities. Need a helping hand? Our SPED Academic Advising will save you time and money!

Choose from:

These classes are designed to offer additional support and encouragement for non-traditional learners. Classes sizes are kept small with only 5-6 students in a class for optimal learning and engagement.

Struggling Students might also want to check out our “Bridge Classes”

For additional support and to ensure that your student is being place correctly, we highly recommend the SPED Academic Advising as well as the Performance Series Test.


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Struggling Students might also want to check out our “Bridge Classes”


1 review for Adapted Bundle

  1. Gina Noble

    Sarah Schwab
    We love True North Academy! It’s been a lifesaver for me with my child who has special needs and doesn’t want to work for mom.

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