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Special Needs Academic Counseling


Special Needs Academic Counseling

Special Needs Academic Advising, including IEP, curriculum direction, accommodations, modifications, and more!
At True North Homeschool Academy we recognize that the learning process begins and continues with you, the parent.  We want to give you the tools to help your child be successful! For the Special Needs and Struggling Learner, the plan and path is not always so clear. Our Special Needs Academic Counseling help you create a clear plan and the resources needed to navigate a reasonable path. You are not alone!
Planning and Counseling Includes:
  • 1:1 Personal Zoom Meeting
  • Personalized IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) Goals
  • Personalized accommodations and modifications
  • Personalized Curriculum Help
  • Personalized recommendations for grading, instructional strategies and visual aids (if needed)
  • Transcript Consultation as needed


The Right Direction

Our Essential Academic Advising Plan removes the worry of Homeschooling your Special Needs or Struggling Learner so you can enjoy the process! Are you overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated by the thought of tackling homeschooling? Are you a current homeschooler who feels bogged down in details, thousands of curriculum choices, and managing your family’s needs? Let our years of experience as homeschoolers and educators guide you so that you can enjoy the process of homeschooling your students!

What you’ll receive:

  • A one-time 60 minute consult through Zoom (additional consults or group coaching is also available) with an experienced Special Needs Academic Adviser. Who gets where you’ve been and knows how to guide you to where you want to be! During this time, we’ll assess homeschooling needs and challenges as well as homeschooling strengths and resources available to your student.
  • Personalized Learning Plan created by an experienced Educator with years of experience in Education and Special Needs. Each IEP will take into account the needs and abilities of the student.
  • Personalized Accommodations and Modifications so that each student can make progress, learn to the best of their abilities, grow and meet challenges as appropriate. Parents need not worry about if they are doing too much or too little.
  • Personalized Curriculum Help from an Educator who understands the needs of the Struggling Learner.
  • Personalized accommodations and modifications for grades and curriculum.
  • Personalized recommendations for appropriate grading and strategies for instruction to take the worry and stress out of teaching and assessment.
  • Transcript evaluation as needed. If your struggling or special needs learner is in High School age, we can help you create an appropriate Transcript for them.
  • The Special Needs Academic Advising Package is designed to help you have the best academic year possible with guided assistance from those who been where you’re at and are invested in your success.


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