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U.S. Geography


U.S. Geography

Full-Year Course

Grade Level: Junior High

Meeting: Wednesday, 12:45 – 1:45 p.m. CST

Instructor: Meredith Curtis

Required Texts

Note: High School students who want to learn more about U.S.Geography may join this class

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US Geography (Jr. High 6-8)

US Geography will explore how God has truly blessed the USA with scenic beauty, natural resources, freedom, interesting people, and exciting places to visit. Let’s explore this beautiful nation together on a road trip across the USA. We’ll visit caves, caverns, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, islands, swamps, deserts, and national parks. On our journey, we’ll encounter landmarks, Presidential libraries, gardens, churches, tribal lands, museums, farms, and theme parks. Get ready to meet the people that made their state and/or our entire nation great!

After an overview of the entire country’s geography, climate, state boundaries, capitals, and capitols, we’re off to explore region by region. We will start in the Southern states, and travel up to the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. Then, we’ll head to the Midwest, Southwest, West, and Pacific states. Finally, we’ll explore our five territories.

Students will:

  • Complete maps of each region
  • Learn about the regional and individual state geography and culture
  • Read about each state
  • Road map exercises for each state
  • Research page for each state
  • Bake or Cook one Dish from each Region
  • Play games to memorize states/territories and their capitals
  • Complete worksheets to memorize states/territories and their capitals
  • Blog posts
  • Complete a God Bless the USA Christmas Project
  • Complete a God Bless the USA Spring Project

Students will end the year with a new appreciation for the United States of America with its rich diversity and commitment to freedom, faith, and family.

Required Materials

Grading will be based on completing the reading, turning in homework, class participation, blog posts, and semester projects.

High School students who want to learn more about US Geography may also take this class.

This course would be well paired with other Middle School Courses, such as U.S. History and U.S. Literature and Composition to create a Bundle.


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