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Expedition Amazon

Expedition Amazon


Expedition Amazon

Elementary Level Course – 1/2 Year Class| Spring 2025

Meets Tuesday, 9:00- 10:00 am CST

Instructor: Dana Hanley

Required Materials:

Teacher Provided

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Description Expedition Amazon is a unit study combining history, geography, science and a little bit of art to explore the fascinating Amazon River biome.

We are planning an exciting adventure this year! As we explore the world and a bit of its history, students will keep a research journal to keep their field notes and historical interviews in. The journal entries required for this will be provided in the assignments each week and should be printed and ready to work on for class so we have more time to explore this amazing world! The homework each week will be short, but emphasize the most important points covered in class. Crewmembers will have two presentations this semester. These will be mini research projects on any topic that relates to what we cover in class.

All materials required for the notebooking activities will be provided as digital downloads.
For the art project, some yarn may be required, but students have a choice in what they do, so materials may vary. 


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