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  • Ancient History Exploration with Dana Hanley

    Ancient History Exploration

  • Biblical Feasts and Festivals, an online class for junior high and high school homeschoolers.

    Biblical Feasts and Festivals

  • highh school civics class online

    Civics – One Semester

  • Expedition Amazon

    Expedition Amazon

  • Expedition Arctic with Dana Hanley

    Expedition Arctic

  • Heroes of Jewish History

    Heroes of the Bible & Jewish History

  • New Testament Survey online class for homeschoolers

    New Testament Survey – One Semester

  • Old Testament History class online for homeschool

    Old Testament History: From Adam to Nehemiah

  • Political Literature & Composition is a half-credit high school English course where students will enjoy reading, writing, and discussing works related to political discussion in the world. 

    Political Literature & Composition | Semester Class

  • Politics Philosophy and Economics online homeschool class

    Politics, Philosophy and Economics

  • Private Tutoring

  • Renaissance History online homeschool class

    Renaissance History

  • online us history class for homeschoolers

    U.S. History – Junior High

  • World History of the 20th Century high school online class

    World History of the 20th Century