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Politics, Philosophy and Economics

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Politics, Philosophy, & Economics | 1.5 Credit Class

Grade Level: High School (Grades 11-12)

Meeting: 2024 – 2025 | Tuesday and Thursday,  12:45 pm – 1:45 pm. CST

NOTE: The class meets two times per week.

Instructor: Adam Pruzan

Full Year 1.5 credit Honors level coursework

This class counts for one and a half classes for any Bundle Purchase! 

Politics, Philosophy & Economics | 1.5 Credit Class

Politics, Philosophy & Economics course is designed as an honors level course that will take the students through a challenging and exhilarating ride, gaining an understanding of government, economics, and philosophy. This course is designed to move students from passive bystanders to active, vibrant members of a citizenry. Taught by master teacher Adam Pruzan, this will be a dynamic and engaging course. Coursework will consist of reading, vibrant class discussion, and regular writing assignments.

Students will read, discuss and be challenged by original documents, Ancient and English texts, and gain a thorough understanding of the foundations of the American political system and the system on which it is founded. Senate and legal briefs will be analyzed, critiqued, and put into the context of current events and where we currently find ourselves as a country.

Because Politics, Philosophy & Economics is equivalent to that of an honors level course, students must be willing to set aside the time needed to study and prepare well to fully participate in the lecture and discussion this class will require. This class meets two times a week, with additional reading and assignments. Difficult concepts are broken down and thoroughly discussed. This class will include lectures, discussion, class participation, and some written work.

This is not your run-of-the-mill high school Government and Economics course.

Why study philosophy while studying politics and economics? The skills needed to understand philosophy will develop your student's analytical, critical and logical rigor. This will enable students to apply these skills to questions concerning how we acquire knowledge or make ethical judgments. The study of will provide your student with a thorough understanding of the impact of the U.S. Political institutions on modern societies both at home and abroad.

Combine this course with U.S. Literature and Formal Logic for a robust and thought-provoking year of study.

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2 reviews for Politics, Philosophy and Economics

  1. HannahN.

    Absolutely LOVED this class! Mr. Pruzan is probably the best History teacher alive, and has tought me so much! Maybe not one of your typical high school courses but definately is one you don't want to pass up! Mr. Pruzan challenges your mind, causes you to think, and requires you to use your grey matter to the putty point! 😉 So Honored that I got to learn from this remarkable man!

  2. Lisa Nehring

    My 2 younger kids have both taken every class they can with Mr. Pruzan and absolutely love him. He is not an “easy” teacher, but he is inspiring. Both of my kids learned how to think, reason and write better. Wish he offered more classes!

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