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3 Secrets to Raise Motivated Leaders in Your Homeschool

3 Secrets to Raise Motivated Leaders in Your Homeschool

Did you ever think that you are the answer to the world’s leadership crisis? Yes, you! You can change the world by raising motivated leaders in your home school.

At every age, these secrets work to build leaders.

Secret #1: Integrity Matters

Beyond punishment for dishonesty, reward your children when they are honest, singing their praises. When they do the right thing, shout it from the housetops so they know you are proud of them. Make it more important in your eyes than a home run or a great test score. Value integrity and model for your kids that it is a value worth living!

Secret #2: Leaders are Motivated Learners

Provide opportunities for your sons and daughters to pursue learning about things that delight their hearts. If your son loves archery, do a unit study on the Middle Ages. If your daughter loves horses, let her science class be an independent study on horses and how to care for them.

Model enthusiasm for learning by reading and researching. Let your kids know you love to learn.

Secret #3: Leaders Lead

Give your children and teens opportunities to lead. They don’t have to plan the family vacation on their own, but they could plan family night once a month or choose what color to paint the bathroom.

Give them access to the decision-making protocol in your house. Let them have a voice and participate in the final direction your family takes—at least once in a while.

Cultivate a heart for others, especially younger children, the elderly, and those less fortunate. When your family is observant—seeing needs and taking positive steps to meet them, you are also cultivating that heart in your children year after year.

Leaders lead because they care about others. When my daughter realized a homeschool dad who was going back for his degree needed help with College Algebra, she offered to tutor him. She saw a need and met the need.

Logical thinking is a great tool for your future leaders. True North offers Formal Logic focused on the structural validity of arguments and Informal Logic where students study and master 29 logical fallacies. These high school courses are great options for your future leader.

Is God Calling Your Kids?

Is God Calling Your Kids?

When it comes to educating our own kids, many of us, especially those who never imagined we’d be homeschooling, recognize that it’s a task that God has called us to. And He’s been faithful to equip us along the way. Amen? 

We’ve understood our own role in being faithful to that calling. But have we ever stopped to consider that God has a calling for each and every one of us? Not just preachers, teachers, or pastors. 

God is calling our kids. 

For Such a Time As This

The story of Queen Esther in the Bible shows us just how God is working providentially through men and women who are called and prepared to stand in hard times. 

Do you think Esther mulled over her calling? Did she study the nature of a calling on her life? I don’t know that we can know that, but we can know is that she was prepared. 

Preparing Our Kids for God’s Calling

From the time Esther was little, she likely heard the stories of her people. She had seen God’s faithfulness demonstrated. Beyond her basic education, she’d obviously been educated in the art of persuasion! 

Trusting in God’s Ability 

Leaning on TRUTH, she used her best soft skills and life skills to make a stand and save her people. 

Did all of the preparation that brought her to that place cause her to rest on her own ability? No, but she did have God Confidence. 

And that’s exactly what we want for our own kids, isn’t it? 

Independently Dependent On God

Back to homeschooling, I see so many parents diligently preparing their children for a future of independence. This independence comes with great responsibility, and we ultimately want to see them independently dependent on the Lord, right? 

This is the only thing that will cause them to stand against a world in chaos. 

Why the 3 R’s Aren’t Enough

We believe that Education is the Transmission of Culture. Every child can learn the basics of a good education. Many will excel at the difficult subjects. But that’s not a complete education. They need a foundation of a strong culture to find their true north. 

The 3 R’s are important. And I deeply care about grades, transcripts, and college preparation

But, what I care about most deeply, is using those fundamentals in a way that serves a bigger purpose — the transmission of culture. 

A Bold Statement & A Challenge to You

I want our kids to excel at academics. I want them to be prepared for the Future of Work, be equipped with soft skills, and win in the gig economy. 

But, what I ultimately want (and I have a feeling this is important to you, too) is to develop our kids to find their true north (the TRUE NORTH – Jesus Christ) and bring others with them. 

All the teaching and learning we do is to that end. That we would know Christ and make Him known. 

Is God calling your kids? I challenge you to ponder that question. 

Then ask yourself if you’re moving in the direction you want to with their education.

Two Have a Greater Return for Their Labor

True North Homeschool Academy teachers are a group of passionate, qualified, creative educators providing carefully curated Core Courses and Clubs delivered by utilizing cutting-edge technology, gamification, and solid academic pedagogy. 

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of homeschooling.

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As always, leave me a comment to ask me anything. 

Leadership and Soft Skills

Leadership and Soft Skills

When we think of a leader, we tend to think of someone who is charismatic, smart, and a “take charge” – that go-to person in any situation. We look at a leader as someone who has know-how (hard skills), but I can tell you – it’s also someone who has soft skills. Leadership and soft skills go hand-in-hand. 

What are Soft Skills?

Soft Skills are those personal attributes that allow us to interact well with others, allowing us to have peaceful and healthy relationships.

They are also known as power skills or personality traits. Soft skills are those skills that everyone seems to understand implicitly. They are related to manners and social moves. For kids with learning disabilities, however, soft skills can be elusive and confusing.

4 C’s of a Soft Skills Education.

These would include:

  1. Collaboration- Collaboration is better known as teamwork. Can you lead, follow, and interact maturely with other team members? Do you problem solve and handle your own emotions well, or are you causing problems for others on your team? Do you understand the team hierarchy well? Are you willing to lead, follow, and get out of the way? All of these skills go into being a good team player, at different times and in various seasons. A good team player, 
  1. Communication- Employers are currently stressing the need for students to have excellent communication skills, including the ability to persuade by written and spoken communication. In particular, they want to hire those who can “sell” (i.e., persuade) both orally and using the written word.
  2. Critical Thinking- Employers are currently stressing the need for students to have excellent communication skills, including the ability to persuade by written and spoken communication. In particular, they want to hire those who can “sell” (i.e., persuade) both orally and using the written word.
  3. Creativity- Creativity is all about thinking outside the box, generating new ideas or tweaking old ones to fit new situations, and interacting with materials, people, and resources in unique ways.

These soft skills are essential tools in the leadership toolbag. 

What is Leadership?

Leadership is both the ability to research and prepare for what’s ahead as well-being to lead, guide, or instruct a group or individuals, teams, or organizations.

Increasingly we want our children to step up and lead when called upon, especially in the world we currently live in. We want them to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. 

They don’t need charisma, they need that internal ability to govern themselves and lead by example, be willing to speak up, and encourage others to be leaders in difficult situations.

Preparing for Leadership with Soft Skills 

Preparing tomorrow’s leaders starts with soft skills. One of the most important soft skills is the art of persuasion. 

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed trying to explain your point-of-view to someone, especially in today’s online environment, you can see just how important this skill is. 

That’s why I am taking part in the Life Skills Leadership Summit

Leadership and Persuasion

The Art of Persuasion, by Lisa M Nehring

One skill that current employers is finding lacking in new hires is the ability to sell. With the constant shorthand of texting and 9-second tik-toks and reels, the fine art of Persuasion is being lost. Why is the ability to sell so important? What are some ways that parents can help their kids develop this skill?

Grab your free ticket
! Join some of your favorite homeschool speakers and leaders as we strive to raise leaders in this generation. 

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How to Robot Proof Your Kids

How to Robot Proof Your Kids

How to robot-proof your kids might not be something you’ve thought about. But the future of work indicates that our kids will be living in a technological world: one with artificial intelligence, the internet of things and robots.

Those of us using a Rumba or Alexa in our homes are already embracing a world with robots in our daily lives!

Embracing Technology

How on earth are we supposed to educate our kids in a way that allows them to compete against technology and robots PLUS fit life skills and the 3 Rs into our homeschool plan?  

I’m glad you asked! Because, while we can’t predict the future, we can prepare for it by clearly understanding the strengths and beauty of humanity. Becoming fully “human” is literally, the best way to “robot-proof” your kids.

Look, computers are great at pattern recognition and convergent thinking (critical thinking which uses linear, logical steps to analyze a number of solutions to a problem), but not so great at understanding truth, beauty, and goodness.

Furthermore, computers and robots cannot think divergently (a thought process used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions). Robot proofing our kids means we help them fully develop their humanity!

It’s an exciting time in the world. During the 4th Industrial Revolution, things will change quickly, some industries will fail and some jobs will become obsolete. But those willing to fully embrace their unique and God-given human qualities will succeed!

So, to sum up: develop your kids’ humanity: their faith life, people skills, and soft skills.

Developing Humanity

Here are some practical tips on HOW to develop your kid’s humanity:

  • Develop your kid’s faith life- teach them about the Bible- how to read, study and meditate on the Scripture, as well as about Church History, how to pray, share their faith, and worship!
  • A solid liberal arts background will develop academic skills and abilities as well as give our kids a taste of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.
  • Focus on building your kids’ Soft Skills Muscles. Human qualities cannot be duplicated by machines. Soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, along with flexibility and adaptability, time and distraction management, loyalty, integrity, etc.
  • Emphasize developing your kid’s Creativity! Creativity is going to be a vital skill as we navigate through this 4th Industrial Revolution!
  • Build your kid’s Critical Thinking Muscles! Encourage them to see “around” a problem and creatively and critically problem solve.  
  • Give your kids opportunities to collaborate in meaningful ways. Team builders are integral to successful families and work environments.
  • Computers cannot become Culturally Agile, but humans can; teach your kids a Foreign Language! Becoming bi-lingual teaches your kids to think multi-dimension-ally and creatively, build mental flexibility, and allows them to more readily become global workers and students. Furthermore, while robots can translate literal meanings, human nuances in communication are lost to them; we will always need human translators.
  • Intentionally work to develop your kid’s very human capacities for flexibility and adaptability! Being able to flex and adapt as well as pivot, will serve them well in a global gig economy.
  • Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to ensure vocational success in the future with the burgeoning gig economy, so teach them what it means to live and think entrepreneurially!!
  • Encourage your kids to become auto-didacts (self-learners). Our kids will be working in a fast-paced, global work environment where they will be required to pivot frequently and with ease!

Homeschooling Can Prepare Kids For An Exciting Future

It’s a lot to think about, but a solid educational pedagogy will allow you to give your kids solid academic and soft skills. Add in solid faith-based education and your kids will be set up for future success.

Your kids will be completely robot-proof!

Becoming fully “human” is literally, the best way to “robot-proof” your kids.

Lisa Nehring

More Resources For You

It’s an exciting world we are preparing our kids for! If you need help pulling it all together, it is our great privilege to come alongside fellow homeschoolers to ensure your academic and future success. Here at True North Homeschool Academy, we offer many resources including Academic Advising, our amazing live online classes, and a Mom’s Membership.

Check out the Soft Skills 101 podcast where we offer tips and solutions for teaching life skills and soft skills every day. Bookmark our blog so you don’t miss helpful freebies, encouragement, and valuable information about home education from experienced homeschoolers and educators. Don’t forget to let us know how we can come alongside you!