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Transparency & Trust Behind the Scenes

When I go to a new website or business page, one of the first pages I visit is the “About Page.” But I notice lately that it’s difficult to find out who is behind many of the online academies and programs. Personally, I want to know who I’m engaging with, who is taking my money, and what the theology, philosophy, and pedagogy is behind the business and the program. It’s not always easy to find out.

But I guess that’s to be expected. The homeschooling world was a billion-dollar industry before Covid-19 and as a result, it is becoming increasingly common to find wealthy entrepreneurs stepping into the market. Singles who have never homeschooled and may not even have a family or children – and even deep pockets pushing a political agenda who get a lot of easy reach on social media are jumping onto the online homeschool bandwagon.

Recently a friend was unfairly bullied on social media for letting a teacher know that their students would be sitting out of morally questionable material.  I have known teachers whose classes were not approved because of faith-based content. All online programs are not created equal.

As an entrepreneur, I am proud of the business that I’ve created. Of course, it’s been with the help of family, friends, and an incredibly talented team. But still, I love True North Homeschool Academy. It was birthed out of decades of educational theory and practice-beginning years ago with a Master’s Thesis title, “Why Parents Homeschool Their Children”, a family legacy of education, thirty years of homeschooling, and teaching scores of children in co-ops, class days, and online courses. So True North Homeschool Academy is a labor of love and one I am passionate about.

Whose Culture Are You Supporting?

I feel, as you do, that the education of our children is vitally important. People far smarter than me have stated, “Education is the transmission of culture.” (Will and Ariel Durant). It makes good sense to find out who is educating your kids. Just because they are well-known or in the homeschool space doesn’t mean that they have your kids’ best interests in mind.

You should research who is behind any online programming or class. Just like you want to know where your food comes from, whose agenda is behind the entertainment you watch, and what message your children will get from the books you hand them, you should want to know who is running a homeschool company. If you can’t discover who is in charge, where the funding is coming from, or what the company believes, keep looking.

Trust is the Foundation of Our Community

At True North Homeschool Academy we stand behind our people and products. We are a family-owned and operated business and we are homeschoolers who are committed to faith, family, and freedom.

Our teachers are homeschoolers, several of whom were homeschooled themselves. They are all innovative, creative educators. My goal in finding teachers is to connect with creative talent, set up the framework for them to excel, and then get out of the way so that they can make the magic happen. And they do. We have an incredible, international, faith-based team of passionate, innovative teachers at True North Homeschool Academy. We don’t hide who we are or obscure what our core values and beliefs are.

Some people believe that honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. And while that might be true on some level, we believe, as Mike Paul clearly states, trust, honesty, humility, transparency, and accountability are the building blocks of a positive reputation.

I think you would agree that trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Our homeschool academy is about far more than just selling classes. We are building a healthy community, imparting wisdom, and developing cross-generational relationships. AND we are willing to take the risk of being transparent with the belief that we are “giving up”  safety for the sake of something incredible!

We love coming alongside fellow homeschoolers as they journey True North. If you ever have questions or concerns about who we are or where we are coming from, just ask. We’ll be transparent about who we are and what our vision is!

With you on the Journey!

Lisa & the TNHA Team!

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