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Summer Classes

Summer fun with an educational twist!

SUMMER 2023 JUN 5- JULY 14!


  • junior high book club for summer

    Book Club for Adventurers! Junior High Summer Class

  • Spanish for elementary grades homeschool

    Conversational Fun with Spanish Summer for Elementary

  • orton gillingham spaulding training

    Orton Spalding Based Approach to Teaching Reading

  • a wrinkle in time graphic novel adapted literature summer

    A Wrinkle in Time: Graphic Novel summer class

  • adapted literature class for homeschoolers

    Secret Garden: Graphic Novel Adapted Literature

  • ASL Exploration

    ASL Exploration | Summer Class

  • german history through art

    German History Through Art

  • Hamlet for homeschoolers a high school course for summer

    Hamlet for Homeschoolers | Summer Class

  • Conversational Fun with French

    Conversational Fun with French

  • Conversational Fun with German

    Conversational Fun with German

  • summer writing boot camp for homeschool families

    Writing Bootcamp- Summer

  • Study Skills summer bootcamp

    Study Skills Summer

  • Literary Discussion online class for homeschoolers

    Literary Discussion Summer

  • Career Exploration Bootcamp

    Career Exploration Bootcamp Summer

  • Math Skills for Chemistry online class for homeschoolers

    Math Skills for Chemistry Summer

  • Heroes of Jewish History

    Heroes of the Bible & Jewish History

  • CLEP prep Spanish Intensive

  • online Spanish class for homeschoolers

    Conversational Fun with Spanish Summer

  • Write a Research Paper

    How-to- Write a Research Paper Summer

  • online summer class for homeschoolers How to Write a Short Story

    How to Write a Short Story Summer


Real Experiences, Real Relationships, Real Life!

True North Homeschool Academy’s interactive and easy to use online classes are dynamic and interactive, delivered Zoom and Google Classroom. Class sizes are limited so students can see and hear the teacher and each other for a full and rich learning environment.

Each class is recorded and available if a student misses class.

You are automatically registered when you purchase a class – no registration fee when you sign up now for these great classes! Buy a Summer Bundle and SAVE! 


Education that takes you in the right direction.

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