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Your Sabbath Invitation Biblical Excavations | a Critical Thinking Course Based on the Bible (Self Paced, Full Credit)


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Your Sabbath Invitation | a Critical Thinking Course Based on the Bible (Self-Paced)

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What if the Bible was Your Teen’s Favorite Subject?

The Bible is equipped to build the student’s thinking muscle, the brain and engage the heart of your student. This leads to a love of learning and critical thinking. Your Sabbath Invitation course is designed to elevate the high school homeschooler’s approach to the study of the Scriptures by fusing critical thinking and Hebraic thought.

Challenge your students to use critical thinking skills to influence the world, stand firm in their faith in a shifting culture, and develop a deeper relationship with God.

Overview of Your Sabbath Invitation, a Critical Thinking Course for Homeschoolers

  • Research: learn the vocabulary of the Bible in English and the original languages
  • Reason: master the elements of critical thinking through reading, writing, and asking questions
  • Reflect: embracing the concept of pondering a question to allow for transformation as you deeply study the Biblical text
  • Remember: through the act of recording and documenting learning, students retain new concepts and ideas.

Through print, video, audio, and an interactive study guide, your student will come away with a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and the critical thinking skills necessary to tackle any subject, thought, or ideology, preparing them for:

  • deeper relationship with God
  • the ability to stand in a shifting culture
  • use critical thinking skills to influence the world around them
  • an appreciation for the Hebrew construct of the Bible and the Hebrew language

Requirements and Recommended Resources:

  • A Bible
  • a three-ring binder for students who desire to have a physical record of work
  • a supplemental full-credit study is available to create a full-year course

Class Format:

Students will engage the dynamic content through video filmed on location, vocabulary videos, audio recordings, and a virtual study guide. The student will access all materials through the learning portal provided by Biblical Excavations, and the content will be released weekly.

Credit Options:

This course provides 1/2 credit in Cultural Studies, Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Study Skills, or Christian Studies (may be combined with other studies to create a full 1-credit course.) Full credit course option includes accompanying Study Guide.

After purchase, you will receive a notification email from Biblical Excavations with further instructions.

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