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Ancient History Exploration


Grade Level: 1-6

Meeting: 2024-24, Thursday 11:30 am CST

Instructor: Dana Hanley

Required Materials: 

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Ancient History Exploration will take elementary-aged students on an exciting exploratory adventure, learning about Ancient History. The text utilized in this course will be Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times (5000 BC to 400 AD) by Susan Wise Bauer and is highly recommended for students in 1st-5th grade. Elementary students will be introduced to the wonders of the ancient world through reading aloud and hands-on activities. During and outside of class time, students will have the opportunity to explore and develop responses in this fun and interactive online, learning environment.

In Ancient History Exploration, we emphasize mastering the narrative of what happened in this era. Thus, each class will begin with memory work in the form of a review of what we have learned to date. When possible, I will use authentic poetry to remind students what they have learned and we will use a variety of mnemonics, including songs, poetry, and projects. 

Class time will consist of students discovering  Ancient History in storytelling form, learning and reciting history sentences memory work, and locating Ancient World people, places, and events on a timeline and/or map. Each class will feature a hands-on project that students can complete after class.

Ancient History will come alive in this fun and thought-provoking class, designed to give children a sense of the world and their important place in it.

Required Materials: 


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