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Career Exploration

Do you have a way to help your tweens, teens and young adults sort through Career opportunities? Check out our Career Exploration classes that will allow your student to explore various career fields. We offer professionally pre-recorded, 1/2 Credit, high quality, project-based classes that count for High School credit and allow students to determine if the field is worth further interest! Bundled packages make it super affordable for multiple students within families to explore various career fields and opportunities.

Career Exploration can improve students academic performance as it improves knowledge of options, encouraging students to work towards goals during critical developmental years. It also provides students with a broader and deeper understanding of the world, sparking entrepreneurial possibilities.

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  • Accounting 101 for homeschool high school students

    Accounting 101 | Entreprenerial Series

  • Graphic Design with CANVA

    Graphic Design With Canva

  • TNHA Personal Finance Course for High School Homeschoolers

    Personal Finance | Fall Semester