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Christmas Traditions

What are you Christmas Traditions? When I was little my Mom would pop a big bowl of popcorn and open a bag of whole, fresh cranberries. She would thread heavy needles and we would string popcorn and cranberry garlands. We’d carefully swag them around the Christmas tree and then load the tree with tinsel. Over the weeks of the season, the tinsel would fall on the floor and clog the vacuum drum, the popcorn would be nibbled at by my sisters and I and the cranberries would dry up and become raisin sized. But all of that just added to the charm of the season. We’d have advent, a large round plywood circle, decorated with appropriately colored candles -white and purple and greenery and read from the Bible each Sunday in Advent. We’d go to Midnight Candle-light services on Christmas Eve, dressed up and cold, shivering in the dark, and leave church filled with music and the light of hundreds of little candles. What warm and happy memories, these Christmas Traditions have provided!

If you don’t have your own warm and happy holiday and Christmas Traditions, it’s time to make some! Below are some links to get you started!

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