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German I – An Introduction to High School German

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German I

Full Year High School Course

Meets: 2024 – 2025 | Mondays, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CST

Instructor: Dana Hanley

Required Materials:


German I

German I is for first-year students who have little or no prior knowledge. It is geared toward high school students who wish to satisfy foreign language requirements.

Younger students are welcome but should expect high school level work.

This course will serve as an introduction to the German language and culture.

With a focus on conversation skills, students will learn basic vocabulary and grammar, aligning with the novice low to novice mid-ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines (Level 1 proficiency).

They will learn basic vocabulary used to express common needs and interests.

The grammar will focus on basic sentence structure, present tense, and the case system. Students will be strongly encouraged to answer in German to maximize the opportunity for speaking practice. In addition to basic conversation practice during class, students will be given links to songs, shows, and skits to improve their listening comprehension and  provide an opportunity to listen to native speakers.

German I will incorporate games, challenges, mini-projects, and worksheets to reinforce each week’s language topic with quizzes and tests designed to help students mark their progress toward proficiency.

Students will also learn about German history, geography, culture, regional variations, and how the Bible gave Germany a common language.

As with learning any foreign language, students will better understand English grammar. Because English is a Germanic language, they will also gain an understanding of how languages change and adapt over time and learn a little about the history of the English language.

Required Materials for German I(These will be used for two years)

Regular quizzes are designed to help students study vocabulary. Assessment is made primarily through projects in German as well as take-home tests.

3 reviews for German I – An Introduction to High School German

  1. Lisa Nehring

    Frau Hanley is an excellent and innovative teacher! She makes learning German very doable and online learning fun! My dd has LOVED learning German this year!

  2. HannahN.

    Frau Hanely is AMAZING! She is one of the most innovative and fun people alive! Her approach to German is accessible, enjoyable and efficient! I have learned so much for her and I deffinately recomend this German 1 class to anyone wanted to master the mother tongue.

  3. Rosie L.

    Mrs. Hanley is a great teacher and I really enjoyed taking this class! Learning about my peoples’ culture and language was so interesting. Mrs. Hanley makes learning this language a lot of fun.

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