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French 1 Student Text


French I Student Text

10 Bonnes Raisons Pour Apprendre Le Francais by Rachel Margaillan

Purchase and download French I Student Text for use with French I


French 1 Student Text

French 1 Student Text is the download of Volume One of the student worktext (e-book) for High School French I: 10 Bonnes Raisons Pour Apprendre Le Francais by Rachel Margaillan

144 pages of French language learning, vocabulary, and grammar practice including games and printable flashcards. This text will take students through a full year of High School level French.

Written by True North Homeschool Academy’s French teacher, Rachel Margaillan, students will gain fluency and understanding in grammar as well as in speaking and hearing the French Language.

French I Student Text is designed for the French I class and is a practical and straightforward course with an emphasis on:

  • grammar skill-building
  • conversation skills
  • speaking
  • reading
  • writing
  • vocabulary

A different language is a different vision of life. ~Federico Fellin

You can hear Mdm Margaillan share her love and passion for languages in this Podcast on The Wonder of Foreign Languages. 

Pair this class with Biology, World Religions, World Literature and Composition and World History for a robust year of learning. Or buy a High School Bundle for greater savings.


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