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Homeschooling in the Age of Technology

Homeschool in the Age of Technology looks different than it did when we started homeschooling, years ago. Back then, pagers were cutting edge technology and laptops were still a thing of the not too distant future. We lived in Los Angels, which is a far cry from the Great Plains that we now call home. Our fields, which had been dumping grounds for years are cleaned up and are being leased out or hayed There is a such a wholesome sense of satisfaction when things are productive and doing what they are meant to be doing!

In much the same way, we are so excited to be offering classes through True North Homeschool Academy. We have amazing teachers that will be doing what they do best- teaching from their heart about subject matters that matter most to them. Our teachers are old school, in that they believe in the fundamentals of learning, and at the same time they are utilizing the beauty of technology to expand their reach.

Just like our acreage is not your typical couple of acres with a new build, True North is not your typical on-line academy. Just a few things that make us uniquely qualified to come alongside of you as you homeschool your 8th-12th grade student.

On-line Experience

True North has been on-line for about 10 years as Homeschool Works 4 U. While on-line schools are sprouting up everyone, you can rest assured that you are getting experience and know how with True North Homeshcool Academy.

Experience as Homeschoolers

We have decades of experience as homeschoolers. Our teachers have for the most part, been homeschooled themselves, have homeschooled or are currently homeschooling. We know the beauties, joys and stresses of doing what you are doing.

Experience as Educators

We have decades of experience teaching. While most of us work professionally in our fields, we love teaching and choose to teach when our “day jobs” are done. We take great joy in students getting concepts, growing beyond their starting points and making connections. For True North Homeschool Academy teachers, teaching is a passion and a joy. We love being able to offer what we know!

Men & Women on Faculty

We have a great mix of men and women on our faculty! I’ve worked in Social Services long enough to say, gender differences are a real thing and older kids need a good mix of mature, Godly men and women in their lives to grow and develop well. We have amazing talented men on board, and amazing, talented women on board. Many homeschooled kids only have women as teachers until they graduate. I’m not disparaging that at all, because, hey, I’m a woman. But men approach things differently, have different expectations and provide different experiences. Anyone who has seen Dads throw their little kids up into the air, versus watching Mom’s cuddling their little kids can attest to this!

The education that our government schools are offering is lacking in many areas. I talked to a teacher in Arizona this week who said she retired early for the simple fact that she was afraid to go to school each day due to violence. When our kids feel fearful, they can’t learn. When teachers feel fearful, they can’t teach. More and more families are turning to homeschooling to keep their kids safe.

Homeshooling is a great solution, but not without it’s challenges. I’ve said for years that the things I’m good at, my kids excel at, but my areas of struggle are my kids area of struggle. Honestly, I’ve needed help as our kids have entered high school and gone beyond what I know and or have the time and inclination to learn.

Thanks to the world wide web, we are not alone in our struggles anymore! I am super excited that my daughter will be taking Algebra II from George McBride this year, Latin II with Gus Henebry and Hebrew with Arthur Fischer. She will be getting world class instruction from men who excel in areas that I don’t. And she’ll still be taking Expo and Comp and Rhetoric and Bible with me. I get the areas I love and have fun with and am outsourcing areas I don’t – it’s  a win-win for everyone!

I hope you’ll join us this year as you redeem your own kids education. Our great joy is to come alongside you as you create something beautiful, true and good in your own family.

Lisa Nehring lives in a 1920’s restored farmhouse surrounded by family antiques and many books, reaching out to homeschoolers around the world via the age of technology. She teaches Literature and Composition, Writing Club, Academic Advising and Coaching.


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