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Hello, dear readers! I am Lisa Nehring, and I’m excited to embark on this educational journey with you! I have spent the past three decades deeply immersed in the world of education, homeschooling my own kids for 30 years, writing and speaking about education and finally creating and founding True North Homeschool Academy in 2018, and my passion for reimagining education has only grown stronger. Today, I invite you to join me in exploring a new path for our children’s learning journey as we stand at the crossroads of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Embracing Change in Education

It’s evident that traditional educational approaches are struggling to keep pace with the rapid transformations of our world. The disruptions we experienced in 2020 were a mere preview of the profound shifts that the 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing. Institutions we once relied upon, from healthcare to government institutions are faltering, and the realm of education is no exception. Our children are growing up in a unique era— one where flat earthers meet yearly on one coast and where transhumanists meet on the other! Our kids will live and work in this smash up of medieval thought and sci-fi!

In this tumultuous landscape, our role as parents has never been more critical. We must be vigilant, prayerful visionaries, crafting a roadmap that prepares our children to thrive amid the chaos and uncertainty.

Casting a Vision

To navigate this uncharted territory, we must first cast a beautiful and purposeful vision for our children. It’s essential to not only consider immediate goals but also to envision the long-term trajectory. Our children are bombarded with competing voices and influences; thus, our vision must be intentional and steadfast.

  1. Firm Foundation in Faith: Grounding our children in faith provides them with a moral compass to navigate challenges and decisions. This foundation will help them develop essential virtues and values that will guide them through life’s twists and turns.
  2. Developing Soft and Life Skills: Beyond academics, our children need to cultivate soft skills like integrity, collaboration, critical thinking, and humility. The world demands adaptable individuals who can pivot across industries, making Entrepreneural and life skills more important than ever before!
  3. Nurturing Academic Autonomy: Encouraging self-directed learning equips our children to become autodidacts—lifelong learners who can acquire knowledge independently. Study skills, memory techniques, and analytical thinking empower them to thrive in a rapidly changing world.
homeschooling high school bootcamp

Don’t Panic, Plan! Bootcamp Challenge

Are you a homeschooling parent looking to take control of your homeschool planning, organization, and execution? Do you feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and resources available? Look no further! The “Don’t Panic, Plan!” Bootcamp Challenge is here to revolutionize your homeschooling experience.

Through a series of engaging modules, recorded sessions, and an interactive group, you’ll embark on a transformative learning journey to unlock your full potential as a homeschooling parent ready to homeschool through high school.

Reimagining the Curriculum

Traditionally, education has followed a rigid structure, encompassing subjects like Math, English, Science, History, and more. However, in this era of fluid careers and global connectivity, we must expand our horizons.

  1. Career Exploration and Entrepreneurship: In a world of evolving professions, providing our children with career exploration and entrepreneurship education is paramount. They’ll learn to pivot swiftly, market themselves, and adapt to new opportunities.
  2. Holistic Vision: Beyond monetary aspirations, we must consider the complete lifestyle we desire for our children—spiritually, socially, and emotionally. With this holistic vision, we can chart a course that aligns with our values and dreams.

Dream, Plan, Execute!

As we stand on the brink of a new educational era, the call to action is clear. We, as parents, must dream, plan, and execute with purpose. In a world marked by disruption, uncertainty, and possibility, homeschooling becomes a beacon of hope and opportunity. So, before you dive into the busyness of this coming school yeras, spend time reflecting on the remarkable journey ahead, casting a vision that prepares our children to embrace the unknown and shape a future filled with promise.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative homeschooling adventure? We’re here for it! At True North Homeschool Academy we offer 2nd- 12th grade live online and self-paced classes, Tutoring, Coaching and Advising, Testing, and Parent Equipping classes and Resources! We’d love to partner with you as we equip our children to not only survive but thrive in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Together, we’ll nurture their hearts, minds, and spirits, guiding them toward a future where their dreams become reality.

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