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Homeschooling Basics- Putting it all Together!

Homeschooling Basics- Putting it all Together! Sounds so simple, but how do you put it all together to create a cohesive homeschooling year when you have curriculum, kid’s abilities, goals, family size, and extra-curricula to consider?

Set your Goals – Long and Short Term

One of the biggest homeschooling basics is to set your goals!  I’ve talked to hundreds of parents as I’ve done Academic Advising with students from around the world with all sorts of goals and abilities. It is often apparent to the parents what direction their students will take by or around Junior High. Most parents can sense if their kids are going on to Vo-Tech, College, Military or Ivy League, if not specifically, at least generally.

Most parents also realize around Jr. High (if not before) if their kiddo has a learning disability, processing disorder or other issues or limitations.

If your kids have a specific skill set, like setting swimming records in your state and going for an NCAA scholarship, or dream of going to the Air Force Academy, you’ll want to be even more intentional and goal-directed than not, in order to make those dreams come true.

Have a good sense of a solid academics

The “Core 4” consists of Math, English, History, and Science. Of course, these all look slightly different depending on ages/ stages, abilities and long term goals, but it’s a good place to start with covering the basics.

Determine Extra-Curriculars

“Extra-curriculars” include, but are not limited to, foreign language, computer, art, music, theater, dance, sports, health, speech, animal care, life skills, soft skills, Scouts, all manner of interests, and specific areas of interest within the core classes.

Learn the Value of Homeschool Extras here.

Family Interests and Values

What is important to your family and values that you are willing to invest time and energy into?

Find out more about Pursuing Interests Through Electives.

Field Trips and travel

What field trips and travel do you plan to accomplish and how will you do this- with a co-op, camping, trading spaces with other homeschooling families? There is so much rich learning that happens when takes amazing field trips and travels, it should definitely be included in your overall homeschooling plan, if at all possible.

You can’t do it all, but you can do a lot of it.

One of the biggest homeschooling basics there is!  You don’t have to sacrifice education for character training or juxtapose one set of priorities over another. Getting through difficult subject matter can be a part of character development and a good curriculum can support your child’s growth in ways that extend beyond academics. You don’t have to sacrifice or juxtapose one set of priorities over another. You do have to be intentional or something is bound to get lost in the shuffle.

How to manage it all?

Homeschooling is best goal-driven rather than curriculum-driven.

Start with the end in mind. Write the vision, make it plain, and feel free to make it outrageous and personal and epic and all yours.

Homeschooling Basics- Putting it all Together! Goals/Course/Curriculum used

  1. Set your goals first
  2. Name the course
  3. Determine the curriculum you’ll use to accomplish your goals.


Student Morgan                                             Grade 1                      School Year 2019-20


Morgan reading by end of the yearEnglish IAlpha Phonics, Explode the Code
Developing creativity and fine motor skillsArtKumon Workbooks, MP’s Art Cards
Understanding NumbersMathRight Start Math
Discover the world around usScienceMagic School Bus Books, Usborne, Nature Walks
Understanding broad overview of Bible and familiar storiesBibleThe Golden Children’s Bible, Arch Books
Develop Memory Work Skills and memorize various subject areasClassical studiesInvictus or Claritas Memory Work, IEW’ Poetry
Begin to understand the sweeping course of HistoryHistorySOTW, Timeline, History Cards
Language literacy and development of foreign language skillsSpanishSpanish for Children


Student Reagan                                              Grade 9                      School Year 2019-20

Reading novels, plays, short stories, poetry, Writing persuasive and Compare and Contrast EssayEnglish IEIW, LTW
Developing CreativityArtMusic, Art, Theater
Algebra IMathLife of Fred Algebra I
BiologyScienceGuest Hollow
Understand the scope of Church HistoryBibleMemoria Press Church History
Develop Memory Work Skills and memorize various subject areasClassical studiesHistory and Lit Timeline,
Develop an understanding of how historical events interacted and contributed.HistoryHOTW, Timeline, History Cards
Develop fluency in Foreign LanguageLatin IFirst & Second Form Latin


Homeschooling Basics- Putting it all Together! Do It

No plan is worth a thing without your willingness to implement it. Chart your course, headed True North, and then engage with passion and perseverance.

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Are you wondering about homeschooling basics? Maybe you are thinking about homeschooling but you just need a solid plan. Check out this post and figure out how to put all your homeschooling information to work for you. #TrueNorthHomeschoolAcademy #homeschool #newhomeschooler #onlinehomeschool

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