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Teacher Profile

Lisa Nehring

Director and Teacher 

Lisa teaches Literature and Composition, facilitates the Writing Club and offers Academic Advising through True North Homeschool Academy.

About Lisa

Lisa Nehring has been married for over 30 years, has five children, 2 graduate degrees and a black belt in homeschooling. She has homeschooled since 1991 and wrote a Master’s Thesis on Why Parent’s Homeschool, the Literature Review being,  A History of Education in America.

She has created class days and co-ops, brought national programs to her region and has written hundreds of curriculum and product reviews at her personal blog, Golden Grasses. where she has been writing about homeschooling and Christian Living since 2008.

Additionally, she worked for a large educational company as an Academic Advisor with high school students from around the world. Lisa has taught a wide variety of classes, both in the classroom and on-line including Composition and Literature, Poetry, Apologetics, Bible, Speech, Drama, Geography, Latin and more.

Education as the Transmission of Culture has been a guiding principle for Lisa for many years. She is committed to transmitting a culture of truth, beauty, and goodness, by the grace of God.

Lisa Nehring and her husband, Dr. David Nehring, a Clinical Psychologist, and Biblical Scholar speak together on a wide variety of topics, including education, classical education, vision, mission, parenting, marriage and more.

Homeschool Experience

Lisa has homeschooled her own children since 1991, and has taught countless classes and directed numerous theater performances. She has worked as an Academic Adviser for homeschooled students from around the world. Students have included those with mild to profound physical and learning disabilities, as well as Olympic hopefuls, and other athletically and academically gifted.

Professional Degrees & Experience

M.A. Human Development, M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy. In addition to homeschooling, Lisa has worked as an Admissions Counselor, Administrator, Copywriter, Blogger, Academic Adviser, Teacher, Event Planner and Program Developer.



I have had the honor of working with Lisa Nehring over the course of many years, both as a colleague and as an instructor for my middle school child.  She is well versed in the teaching of literature, composition, and writing to a variety of ages. Lisa clearly states objectives and offers realistic goals to her students.  As a parent and home educator, she offered suggestions and guidance that were attainable and gave me the confidence to guide my child towards success. Lisa has years of experience and insight into a variety of educational strategies and programs.  As a fellow educator and homeschooling parent, her expertise and encouragement are top-notch.  We have had multiple opportunities to collaborate and for me (and my child) to benefit from her wisdom. Any student or parent who has the opportunity to work with Lisa will benefit and be equipped to move forward in their educational journey.

Louisa B.

Homeschooling parent of many and fellow educator

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