Thank you so much Merit! Here is the meta tag.


I’ve homeschooled for 27 years. I know what I want to accomplish and why. I know how to get it done. These things have not always been true. What has always been true is that I wanted for my children something that I did not feel like I had much of growing up. And that mysterious something was freedom.

What did I want that to look like? Time.  Time for my kids to grow in to themselves without the stupidity and maturity stopping labels of too smart, too stuid, too rich, too poor, too whatever. Time to follow bunny trails and embrace passions and learn and develop as spiritual beings along with their intellectual and social selves instead of being stunted baby believers all of their lives. Freedom to hear the still small voice of God.

We’ve failed in a lot of things but in this one area, this area of giving our kids freedom, in this, we have succeeded. Our kids have spent hours reading and listening to good music, have developed their understanding of how to create and learn and grow and have developed their belief in the concrete, the mystical, and the divine.

In that, dissatisfied creature that I am, I am content. I am not proud. I am satisfied. I have offered 5 people in the world something unique and fulfilling and awe-inspiring and, I believe, eternal.

Lawlessness & Legalism

What they choose to do with it, however, is not something that I can control. And that leads me to the point of this post. Freedom is easily lost, frittered away and unappreciated. Two things crowd out freedom, lawlessness and legalism.

Freedom is oft mistaken for lawlessness. True freedom is anything but. True freedom points the way to something greater than what’s in front of us. It transcends. Those who are free and aren’t disciplined end up rebellious.  They are often ungrateful, entitled and lacking the self-control necessary to maintain status quo or to create something more.

On the other hand, freedom is often, because of our very human nature, tied up in a box and restrained. We want to set controls, make rules, define, clarify and develop. Everything is created twice and those who envision something extraordinary and beyond the norm frequently get hung up. The nitty-gritty necessities of making a way in the world often snuffs out freedom just as fast as devil-may-care lawlessness.


Our kids, who we’ve raised to be adults with eternal souls,  grow up to make their own choices, their own mistakes, and live their own lives. I’ve faithfully, along with the dedicated care and provision of my husband, given my kids freedom. Freedom to think and feel and live how they are called. It’s been a worthy calling and a sweet adventure.

What do you want most for your children?